The blockchain is the increased key technology for all enterprises because of their sure transactions and the security of their data. With the help of blockchain, the enterprises can track their transactions in a secure way. Technical benefits of this technology are widely accepted like many companies use this to make a budget decision, and test the project or implementing the project, and for deciding what tools are required for that project, predicting what are the challenges have to face.

Anyways 2018 was the best year for the development of this technology, so many are waiting and expecting what are the changes happening in 2019. To fulfill their expectations, I have listed some of the top predictions regarding the blockchain and what might happen in 2019.

Updating apps

Usage of Blockchain Technology offers immutability of the records and develops trustability. In 2019 will see more updates happening for the apps. Now too many apps are using blockchain technology but in future, many updates will happen to avoid failure of this technology at any single point with more security of data.

Building such advanced technology app is not an easy task because every business has its own app. Protecting all types of data from various industrial threats is really a challenge for every Blockchain app development companies.

Off-chain components in enterprise apps

The Mobile app development for enterprise projects is a very big task for app developers because these apps are developed to operate at a global level or for government environments. These apps have the capacity to manipulate and store a large amount of complex data and apps should support all new updates for the business process.

You may think blockchain ledger is only a small part of overall enterprise app development process, but some off-chain components are needed for the apps that play an important role in its success, those are user management, workflows, systems integration, user interface, APIs, security, and many more.

Giving importance for non-technology issues

There are many non-technology issues to deal with blockchain. Ecosystem management, some specific practices of an industry, legal issues that have connected to do with blockchain. But all these things depend on whether a blockchain implementation is successful or not.

Blockchain development companies should consider this point while implementing blockchain technology in apps. By paying attention to non-technology things, that business will go to get a greater success rate in 2019.

Blockchain and IoT are strongly connected

Combining IoT with new technologies will give results effectively with a new use case. That is why researchers expect that they will successfully converge with new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning as well as blockchain technology.

By this way, companies are moving forward with advanced technology along with creative ideas that result in the starting of a new business model. This new business model results in raising of a new marketplace.

The blockchain is attracting many authorities due to its capacity of holding large quantities of data in a secure way and it is available from anywhere in the world at any time but one thing is the system should be hack proof.

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Comment by Ashley Summer on August 15, 2019 at 10:07am

Many thanks for sharing these trends. I personally believe that Blockchain could reshape the world! In recent times, blockchain emerged to be one of the most hyped technologies in the industry. Stakeholders, businesses, and startups are looking for means to instil this disrupted technology for better business outcomes. I have recently found some info o blockchain events here


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