Blogging in the current business market is not only effective, it is imperative. Blog writing allows a person or company to quickly create new content for consumers or customers to read while allowing them the ability to provide feedback. There are many key points to keep in mind while making a blog, such as; page set-up, content, providers, maintenance, etc… the focus is keeping the blog simple and adhering to a few simple rules of thumb to keep the buzz on your site and have returning readers/contributors.

While the technical aspect of a blog is very important, such as; set-up, maintenance, layout, posting, and monitoring, a more important aspect must never be forgotten, the customers.  Keeping the content, visual layout, and everything regarding the blog centered around the customers will prompt engagement by the consumers, return users, as well as word of mouth to visit such a “user friendly” site.  Following are a few simple rules to keep in mind for an effective blog:

  • The blog must always have the customer/ consumer in the forefront of message.  This means: when making a post or setting up a blog the customer’s best interest is put first and how your company or product will benefit will follow. Putting the wants of the business (blatantly trying to sell through your post) will be transparent and off-putting to the reader and could create a negative view of the company.
  • The page layout should not be confusing or cluttered. Human nature is to seek out patterns and those patterns are visually appealing to the human brain. With this in mind, a blog should be kept neat and organized. This does not stop solely at looks, the information and links must be cohesive and organized. The information on the page is absolutely important but the subconscious cues will keep consumers comfortable and comfort between consumers and the brand is invaluable. This will make the difference between a good brand messaging and great brand messaging.
  • Maintain the blog, maintain the blog, maintain the blog! Once the determination is made that the time, resources, and dedication will be put into a blog the company must be vigilant in keeping the blog fresh and up-to-date. It will be detrimental for a company to set up a blog and update at sporadic times. This could cause another subconscious cue to the consumer that the company is not fully committed to their business or cause, thus turning the customer off to the blog and potentially the business. The statistic is well known, a pleased customer will tell three of their friends while the displeased customer will tell ten people of the poor experience.
  • View every experience as an opportunity. With blogs come comments; this should be the main reason for a blog. The feedback given will provide the company an idea of what to capitalize on (from positive feedback) or what to change (through negative feedback).  A crux of what will make blogging effective will be a response by the company. No response will make the company seem disconnected or seem like it does not care about the consumer’s needs or opinions. Conversely, if there is a compliant or recommendation that the company addresses, especially publically, this will, again, create a pleased conscious and subconscious thus having pleased customers and potential word of mouth.

As business owners know, there are nearly an infinite amount of variables that can impact business. But there is one variable that is understood better than others, human nature. People know how they want to be treated, what is appealing, and what is off-putting; so, why not use this knowledge to the advantage? Let the consumers be the guide for business, never over-complicate your marketing or blog and watch the business grow.oad: Better Business Blogging

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Comment by Carol M. Aldridge on February 28, 2012 at 11:04pm

Hi Robert. I enjoyed your post. I recently have strengthened the effort I am putting into my blog posts and into using it for link building, and am always interested in learning more about how to blog more effectively. This information was very helpful. Thanks!

Comment by Robert David Normington on February 28, 2012 at 11:12pm

Thank you, Carol, for reading and responding on this blog. I hope it aids in bringing you more business.


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