Boost Employee Productivity with a Better Workplace Design

It is a well-known fact that an effective and friendly workplace design can increase the productivity of your employees. Decorating an office space and buildings can make a huge difference when it comes to the success of a company. Various studies show that employees in suitably designed working spaces are up to 20 percent more productive, and since the environment can deeply impact employee's attitude and perception of the business, it is quintessential to create a relaxed and aesthetically pleasant environment.

This will add a touch of class and uniqueness to the business, which will result in reduced work pressure. By providing minimal (but effective) changes to the workplace, an employer can easily influence their workers and improve their motivation and happiness. Therefore, we made a list of several design improvements that will help your workers get a new perspective and boost their productivity.

Importance of Lighting

The best way to create a positive atmosphere at work and increase the productivity is natural lighting. However, not all offices are designed to enable access to natural light. In some cases, the configuration of columns in a workspace will block the sun from reaching every corner of the office. In such tight and cramped offices, effective artificial lighting can lift up the employees’ spirits and make them feel less sluggish at work, thus positively affecting productivity.

Resting rooms

Better relaxing space can be created by using comfy furniture and painting walls with vivid colors. While painting the workplace, it’s important to use light reflecting tones because these colors will make rooms look bigger, shinier and more open. Colors like white, light gray, greens, cool blues, creamy yellow, can bounce the light and assists in creating a more peaceful environment. Numerous reports have shown that a carefree and enjoyable workplace can help with the healthier utilization of break time, which is why most successful modern companies are designing their workplace according to the ideas and feedback that come from their employees.

Proper movables

It is recommended to pay extra care to the employee comfort while buying the office furniture and other movables. The expense of purchasing comfortable furniture like Sit Spot by far outweighs the losses incurred due to the worker discontent caused by uncomfortable office desks and chairs. The use of soft cushioned chairs designed for proper body support (especially for neck, arms, and back) can help your employees to become more innovative and productive.


While creating the workplace, it is extremely important to focus on placing windows wherever it is possible. This provides lighting and fresh air which benefits the well-being of the employees. Multiple studies on workplace design showed that installing windows has both indirect and direct effects, not limited to fresh air, illumination, sunlight penetration, and view. Windows provide a better look at the outdoor environment which can reduce work stress and create a more relaxing atmosphere in the office.


Plants in the office are more than mere decoration. Due to the fact they consume carbon dioxide, they actually improve air quality and increase oxygen levels in the workplace, while removing some pollutants and toxic chemicals from the air. Fresh air and a workplace free of pollution can reduce stress and the risk of occupational diseases, as well as lung disorders.

Posters and artwork

The best way to make a workplace more interesting and unique is by using artwork and posters. Photos and pictures of nature can enrich your walls and create a relaxed atmosphere for your employees. Also, adding a small personal touch to your workspace will motivate and inspire. Whether it's a poster of your favorite quote or a photo of your family, any aesthetically pleasant art is beneficial for the mind and the soul.


Sharp and strange odors in the office may be a signal that the air is full of bacteria that can cause allergies, asthma and even increase the risk of lung cancer. Exhaust fans and proper air conditioning in the workplace can help eradicate dangerous and toxic chemicals. Therefore, while planning a workplace, designers should focus on openings for big exhaust fans that are to be placed in the wall or the rooftop of their building. Proper ventilation significantly reduces the risk of diseases and allergies, and the air in your office will always remain fresh.


Finally, the office should be designed to give workers options and enable them to have a greater level of control over their everyday work experience.

Of course, merely redesigning a workplace will not solve every issue you have with employee engagement, but it will certainly be a strong motivator when employees step into an atmosphere where they feel excited and inspired to do their best work. Nothing drives productivity better than the feeling of enthusiasm on the job, and it is up to you to make this possible for all your employees.

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