Boosting Your Business With Channel Letter Signs

An excellent outdoor signage has three primary functions: enhance brand image, attract customers, and display information. Channel letter signs usually achieve all these three functions and a little bit more. Almost every business nowadays requires an excellent exposure and visibility in order for it to thrive in the extremely competitive business landscape. Whether you run a casino, bar, restaurant, realtor, theater, clothing line, or a hotel, your business obviously needs an inviting yet vibrant signage. Giving your business that excellent corporate look with the help of attention-grabbing business signs must always be your priority instead of a luxury. Channel letter signs are an excellent choice for a majority of business owners because of their durability, energy efficiency, effectiveness, ease of customization, and extensive brand visibility. What’s more interesting is that three 3-Dimensional letter signs could be fabricated from plastic, metal, aluminum or acrylic and then illuminated by neon gas tubes or LED modules.

The goal of channel letters is to stand out against any kind of background. They help you in making your business more identifiable and set apart from its competition. And when it comes to channel letters, there are an array of options for your business. Here are some of the most common types of channel letters available for you.

Types of Channel Letters

  1. Standard Channel Letters/ Front Lit Channel Letters

The standard/ front lit channel letter is usually customized so that they emit light from the front of their letters. They are often used by retail malls and shopping centers because of their tremendous success in attracting customers. With the right design, color choice, mounting, and customization, channel letter signs can take your business’s identity and visibility to a whole new level. With this in mind, it would be a grave mistake for you to joke around with your business’s signage if you are looking to stand out of your competition.

  1. Halo Lit/ Reverse Lit Channel Letters

Contrary to the front-lit channel letters, halo-lit channel letter signs are designed to emit light from the back of the fabricated letters before it is deflected to a wall or any other mounting surface. If you choose to go for these letters, it is imperative that every letter’s face is covered properly with aluminum whereas some clear polycarbonate can be used to cover the rear so as to present the creepy intruders such as bats, insects, and birds from seeking shelter in those letters. Their softer light and halo effect is just sufficient to provide your business with the visibility it needs.

  1. Front/Back Lit Channel Letters

If you are looking for something special to provide your business with some outstanding signage? Then these channel letters are the best option if you are looking to make a huge statement with your dramatic business signage. This variation of channel letters is popularly known for illuminating any standard sleek lighting effect coming from the front and emitting a halo light from the rear. These full LED signs boast minimal repair and maintenance requirements, cost-effectiveness, and environmental friendliness which lets you promote your brand in an unmatched way.


  1. Open Face Channel Letter Signs

This kind of channel letter signage is usually designed to give a brighter neon lighting for any business or company. What’s more surprising is that these open-face channel letters are the brightest of all other signage types. These are letters that are perfect for individuals who want to create colorful and irresistible signage for a business.

  1. Specialty Channel Letter Signs

These channel letter signs are usually tailored so that they can conform to a business’s specific needs. Some unique features like dramatic colored LEDs, vibrant letter colors, distinctive neon lights, and perforated designs could be incorporated into these signs for an attractive business signage. Your business will never go wrong with this incredibly powerful marketing strategy.

Besides being able to provide a dramatic effect on your business, channel letter signs bring in a lot more. In fact, many business owners prefer them as a signage option so that they can leverage their numerous benefits. Here are some of the benefits that make channel letter signs an excellent choice for any company or business.

Improved Visibility

One of the reasons why channel letter signs are a top choice for most businesses is that these #-dimensional signs can create excellent visibility for any type of business. Channel letters can be illuminated using LED bulbs or neon tubes, and this implies that your sign shall be visible all night long. By using channel letter signs, you can perform your activities knowing that your current and prospective customers can quickly and easily locate and identify your business space. And with continued use, you will eventually realize that LED bulbs usually offer the right amount of illumination for any sign.

Energy Efficiency

Another reason why most businesses are slowly embracing channel letters is that of their energy efficiency. And should you go for the illuminated option, every channel letter will remain lit with LED lighting, making sure that your sign remains visible from a distance, whether it is during the day or at night. In fact, channel letter signs are the easiest way for your business to go green. A majority of business signage providers recommend the use of LED lighting over the conventional ones such as fluorescent and neon because they consume less power and are eco-friendlier since they do not contain lead and mercury. Moreover, most LED-illuminated channel letter signs utilize lower voltage transformers and have a lifespan that extends to 100,000 hours.

They Are Durable

A majority of channel letter signs are fabricated from aluminum and while this material is lightweight, it has excellent durability. It will stand up well against elements like sun, rain, wind, and ice, or snow, it is affordable and does not need too much maintenance. Should you need to perform repair works on your signs which is quite rare, it will be easier to perform the repair on channel letter signs as opposed to the conventional neon signs.

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