Bottom-line reasons why companies need video marketing

Lately, videos are dominating the internet. When designing marketing campaigns, companies have started to include videos in the content they create, because they want to reach a wider audience. The companies that are using video marketing have numerous benefits, the greatest one being that they can engage potential clients. Studies show that one in four clients loses interest in a certain brand if that brand fails to create catchy video content. It is advisable your company to start taking advantage of this marketing strategy before it is too late. But before starting to create video content, it is advisable to do research, to understand how it can help your business.

Google loves videos

Your main goal should be to increase the time the visitors spend on your website. If you manage to increase the exposure time, then search engines, like Google will find your website reliable, especially if the rest of the content is high-quality one. If you create video content, you are 50 times more likely to appear in a Google search than the competitors that do not have videos embedded in their site. Nowadays Google owns YouTube and it directly influences the way search engines rank your website.

You should create your own YouTube channel, and optimise it for SEO. All your videos should have interesting titles and descriptions. When creating the description you should add a backlink to your web page, products and services. After they watch the video, clients may want to visit your website, and you can ease the process, if you offer them a direct link in the description. Check the world of videos, and find the most interactive ones. Use them as examples if you want to grow the number of followers on YouTube.

Social media encourages video content

Studies show that in 2018 around 80% of companies worldwide use video content to promote their products and services. This is the direct result of the latest trend; social media encourages its users to share videos. Nowadays you have the possibility to share live videos if you are using Facebook or Instagram. Facebook and Instagram have a story section where you can upload a 60 second video, if you want to catch people’s attention. And where you count that nowadays YouTube is the second most popular social network in the world.

If you want to get results with the help of video content, you should make sure that on social media, you share content that remembers people of certain emotions, and you do not share with them facts. 80% of social media users state that they share with their friends a video if they consider it interactive. If you want to boost your social media shares, you will have to create entertaining videos.

Videos boost the success of email marketing

If you are running email-marketing campaigns, then you can create videos that can be incorporated into emails. When you introduce your company to the public through emails, you can stand out from your competition, if you use a video instead of a long piece of written content. Studies show that the emails that contain videos have a rate of around 95% to be opened and read.

Video reaches even lazy clients

All companies have clients who are too lazy to open the newsletter you are sending regularly. Actually, more and more people state that they are too lazy to read texts, and they prefer video content, because it requires little to no effort from their part. Video is a great tool to use if you want to teach your clients. They find more pleasant to consume videos and they prefer this type of content, instead of checking long texts. When it comes to instructions, people also prefer videos, because they offer more explicit content.  The modern buyer wants to see the product in action. When you create this explanatory videos, make sure you use on the background music for business videos because it maintains the viewers engaged. It does not distract their attention from the subject of the video, but it maintains their focus.

You can explain everything you want with the help of a video

Companies are constantly launching new products, or they are upgrading old ones. You need to explain to your buyers how the new product works, and why it is better than the ones offered by your competitors. If you will create a video to offer them the information, you can be sure that more than 90% of the users will watch it to find more details about the product. Around 50% of the companies that have success on the present market have an explainer video on their homepage.

If you want to explain a complex piece of information, it is advisable to use an animated video, because it allows you to easily bring the concept to life. If you want people not to scroll over your video, you should stay away from the videos that use talking heads to explain something. Animated videos are entertaining, engaging and simple. Exactly what the modern buyer is looking for.

Videos boost the ROI

Statistics show that around 80% of the companies that have included video content in their marketing strategies have registered a higher return on their investment. Video production is not easy and it is not cheap, but the efforts will pay off at the end of the day. And where you count that nowadays you have access to countless editing tools, therefore you can adapt the same video for multiple audiences. If you want to save money, when designing the marketing strategy, you can use your smartphone to create the videos. Some smartphones have pretty decent cameras, therefore the quality of the material will meet the requests of the market.

And who says that the videos you are using to promote your brand have to be perfect? The latest studies show that the users are more interested in the videos that offer a clear explanation of the product, than in the videos that have a high-quality design, but lack information.

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Comment by Steven Mathews on February 11, 2019 at 3:14pm

Great! And how to create such videos?

Comment by Moses Lynch on February 12, 2019 at 1:41am

Steven Mathews, it is quite simple. You just need to record video and make some edits. For this purpose there are many special soft and online tools. For example I use when I need to mirror my video. Also there are maly links for another service.


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