Build a Video Content App Using Live Broadcasting Script And Earn More

The channels on television are broadcasting many intriguing events/programs based on user likings and garnering high views. And if viewers miss any of their programs, many channels have started their own video streaming app there users can watch those videos. With number of users preferring to watch programs and events live on their mobiles, so many have started to also broadcast directly on the live streaming apps. The two main reason behind it is, users don’t need to hang around television to watch their favorite programs and if they miss it they can search and watch those on their any preferred time. So it will be wiser to start a live streaming business which assures good revenue generation with the mounting demand. And it is very easy to build a live streaming app using Appkodes live broadcasting script.

Demands and fulfillment

On an app for live streaming and broadcasting users will expect things like,

  • Persistent live streaming with HD output without any technical issues.
  • Know about the latest trending videos and about the recent posts of their followers.
  • On wish they should able to broadcast without any limitations.
  • To stake their claim for popularity by setting up their profile on their own way.
  • Manually search for their friends and preferred broadcasters on the app.

To fulfill all these demands of the users, Appkodes script has got features like,

  • Live streaming- To fulfill the demand of persistent live streaming on HD clarity without any technical issues.

  • Live feeds- To let users know about the trending videos and recent posts of their followers.

  • Live broadcast- For users to broadcast to other users within the app without any limitations.

  • My profile- To help users setup their profile on their own way to boost their popularity.

  • User activity/Notifications- Will help users on their profile privacy and set their likings to promote themselves among others. Also it lets an user to know about all his followers recent activities.

  • Social login- To remove the user hassles in signup and login, it has got an API which enables them to signup and login using either of their existing Google or Facebook account.

  • Search- It lets users to search manually for their friends and their favorite broadcasters.

Revenue generation features

When user demands are rightly fulfilled you can earn handsomely through,

  • Pay Per View for live events.
  • Subscription Based Live streaming for users who have subscribed to paid subscriptions.
  • Ad banners to let users promote their products at specific cost.

End thought with end solution

Online users are fast inclining towards the video content apps so the demand for live streaming apps are getting higher. To start your live broadcasting business instantly avail Appkodes live broadcasting script- Livza. It has got everything on its attractively design UI to guarantee best UX. So it can assure you good revenue generation on your business. It has also got easy customization option on it to easily mold it as per your wish. Also, Livza is readily available on bug free and secure native ios and android app.

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