Business Class Headsets:Journey From. Audio 920 To Voyager Legend UC B235

Plantronics the prominent Bluetooth headset manufacturer in the audio communication industry, who has been delivering the premium sound quality with its stylish and most comfortable products. Long ago Plantronics launched.Audio 920 Bluetooth headset, which gained lots of recognition and was no doubt was one of the best blue headsets in the market. But the market for Bluetooth headset is changing and soon after its distribution, the demand for new features started. In addition, this was the point where Plantronics had to work hard and order its engineers to craft a new innovative technology so that Plantronics could remain its impact factor in the market. And that is how the evolution takes place and a new product shaped into with the name of Legend UC B235 equipped with the latest technology and new features, with the aim to deliver maximum productivity to its consumers. Let us have a thorough look at the journey of Plantronics headset.



.Audio 920 Bluetooth headset was the first choice for mobile multitasks. It was an attractive, unique, narrow shaped wireless ear loop with a button on the front of it for multiple tasks. It is lightweight, decent sound quality, and one-touch remote functions were the reasons for its popularity at that time. Yet with all the sleek design and versatility in terms of functions, it could not prove to withstand for much of the time in front of its competitors due to the reason of ever changing innovations in technology. Thus, Plantronics went to a new project for improving its existing technology and providing a decent product for consumers to achieve excellence, and it was no other than the Voyager Legend UC B235.



The game changer for the audio communication industry is Voyager Legend UC Bluetooth headset, which proved to meet the needs of mobile users. It's connectivity to the maximum electronic devices, latest sensor technology, voice commands, and alerts; these all features are the reason to keep you engage with this gadget. In addition, this is not the end, it has a unique case and a stand for the desktop to charge anywhere, and the only distinct feature on which you cannot compromise is the triple noise cancellation mic, which you surely would need in your life. Thus .Audio 920 lefts far behind, which was giving very entry level features to its users as compared to the new improved Voyager Legend UC.

This gadget is equipped with a lot of amazing features, which are an addition to the old-fashioned Bluetooth headset or Plantronics headset. It has a call management through which a user can connect the headset with several devices whether it is your PC, tablet or your cell phone. The crafted engineers have made it to the perfection with its Smart Sensor technology and that is how the dream comes true of answering the call without clicking, it can automatically sense and answer. There is also an addition to its features, which provides customers with voice commands and alerts. So now, you can control this gadget with your voice. Therefore, it gives maximum control to this ear loop. The 3 dedicated and integrated mic for precision toned makes it outstanding in terms of quality whether you are on a call or listening to your favorite music.


Following is what you can find on this ear loop.

  • The Super sleek design, which is tested by Plantronics designers to comfort your ears.

  • A volume switch right on the back.

  • There is also a dedicated switch for turning it on/off.

  • One touch call accepts/reject feature.

  • A command button for muting voice.

  • A mini adaptor (USB Bluetooth) as an accessory

  • 3 dedicated noise cancelling mics.


These are accessories, which you can expect inside the box.

  • It is packed with a portable case, which serves the purpose of charging and provides an average of 14 hours of add on talk time.

  • There is also a desktop stand, which is a graceful solution for your storage or charging problems.


As far as the technical specifications of the product is concerned, it is definitely a legend just as it is named. Since it has been optimized in such a way that it delivers a unified solution for you communication problems such as;

  • Versatile connectivity to PC, smartphones/tablets.

  • An ideal free headset for business professionals with sensor smart technology and featuring exclusive voice command menu.

  • Talk time up to;

    • 7 hours itself

    • 21 hours with its charging case

    • 11 days of standby time

  • 128 bit of Digital Encryption

  • Headset weighs 18 g

  • Bluetooth 3.0 with EDR for better wireless frequency

  • Audio performance with around 6800 Hz frequency and echo cancellation

  • Sound Guard to provide protection to ears.

  • MyHeadset (updater) to upgrade device firmware easily.

The product also has 1-year limited warranty by its manufacturer, Plantronics.


Plantronics Voyager Legend UC B235 can be named as versatile headset because of its amazing features. It has managed to gain significant improvements as compared to the old model Plantronics.Audio 920 such as it comes with a better talk time, better stand by time and with an additional charging case. While it is super light in weight and small in size. Its latest Bluetooth technology has made it multiple connectivity devices, which the old model lacked. In addition, no doubt it is the only choice for business professionals because of its increased wireless range and integrated 3 dedicated mic, which gives a natural voice quality over this piece of ear loop. Whereas the addition to this legend of voice command cannot be neglected and no doubt it is an extra element to its productivity which cannot be resisted by any of the professional Bluetooth headset user.


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