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Anyone who starts their business website or blog tends to think that their online business is unique. The truth is that if the idea behind the new site or blog is unique or not, there are some essential features that every website must have in other to succeed.

Regardless of whether you plan to sell electronics, or if you want to try your luck with online marketing, branding, or just want to share ideas in an online magazine, you can benefit from making the right decisions about the tools and the technologies to use from the very beginning.

There is so much info online today that it can be tough to examine all to find good advice on how to achieve your goals online. I thought of listing what I consider some essential tools and technologies that you need to take your business forward. Using them regularly will help you find a more comfortable and shorter route to online success.

Branding & Marketing

Once you've started a new business you have a few important missions to accomplish. One of them is to make sure your business is well branded. You will need to leave a first good impartation on your potential customers. Logo design is a good way to create a brand. You will need to design a winner logo that will represent your company on social media, website, business cards and much more. One of the popular ways to design a logo for small businesses is using free logo design templates.


Having an excellent hosting package is essential for online success. Tons of new webmasters set up their sites using online developing tools that host their websites for a little fee or for free, only to find that when it is time to work on the website, they end up hitting a brick wall.



It is practically impossible to create anything short of a classy, dynamic and easy to use a website for your online business without a good content management system (CMS). And the three top options are WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. Of these three, Drupal happens to be the most flexible and powerful, but also requires a little more effort to dominate than the other two. Depending on what you imagine to make your website or blog now and in the future, you can go with something more straightforward but high quality like Wordpress, or slide the scale on Joomla or Drupal. These content management system platforms are completely free for download and use at will.



After having a great website hosted on a good, reliable, and customizable server, and you have decided on which CMS to use, you are ready for the next step. You can begin to change your approach to understanding traffic patterns and how to attract more visitors and make them become permanent readers or loyal clients (make actions corresponding to specific goals for your site) or blog how to buy something or subscribe to a newsletter.

The only way to know how your site interacts with visitors and the Internet, in general, is to install and use an excellent quality analysis service, such as Google Analytics.

Analytics helps you understand:

  • Who is visiting your site?
  • Where your visitors come from
  • Which content/pages they are visiting?
  • How much time visitors and clients spend on your site
  • Which actions, if any, are taken on your site?

This information can be used to increase traffic and improve your site to increase revenue and profits.


Skype has revolutionized long-distance relationships, and it is not just about romance. While video features are ideal for large groups, only telephone service can be beneficial. The new companies can deal with foreign clients and time differences, but with Skype, the exorbitant telephone costs belong to the past. It is also a useful tool for sending documents instantly, even during a call. Skype has robust tools for phone, video, and chats combine to create a social structure and an even stronger business tool.


Investigating which one or two marketing platforms will be most beneficial for your specific activity and commit to them. For example, you could try social media marketing, content marketing, personal networking, direct mail or paid advertising. Do not be too busy trying to do everything at once.

Of course, it's not all that a business needs and their needs can vary depending on the niche or industry, but it's a solid foundation on which a successful business can build.

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