With internet being a free medium for anyone to express their opinion the speed at which an incorrect information spreads is scary. This is perhaps why Faking News is such a hot topic today. While obviously a myth is not as destructive or requires immediate attention as a fake news, you would still want to always have the best version of any information that is possible. Solar as an industry today, has a lot of interest. A lot of this is down to the fact that the Government of India has made a ton of effort to push solar by offering interesting subsidies, running awareness drives etc.


However, while this is great, it has given birth to a lot of half information on or around solar. Things like whether your rooftops will fail or will the look of your house will be spoilt if you went ahead with a solar rooftop PV system have been asked on several forums many times. There are also myths like you need to have a sun tracking system for the solar panels in order to get a solar PV System to work. And this is really just a very peripheral view without getting more detailed and specific.

If you have some myths around solar in your head, MYSUN has put together a nice collection of solar myths and explained why they are myths and far from reality. The entire write up has been divided in to two parts, where the two parts tackle five such myths around solar, available here and here 

Therefore, if you are really looking for the correct information without getting lost in the overload of information around solar, you could look MYSUN up for help on such commonly heard myths. Just a word of caution that as a topic becomes more and more popular people try and write a ton of information and stories around the same. Please do not be a soft target and always check the authenticity of information before taking it as a gospel truth.


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