Buying Ethernet Cables Online? Here’s What You Should Look for!

Whether it is a workplace or a home-based network, the existence of Wi-Fi network is a bliss. Nevertheless, we need ethernet cables to establish certain network connections. Let’s say there is a multi-storey building with thick walls and you need to transmit the data amongst thick walls. Or you need to use internet at some confined and obscure places. During such times, the usage of Lan cable becomes imperative.

Search online and you will find plentiful types of ethernet cables meant for different purposes. And then, arises the moment of confusion as to - which cable to buy? Through today’s article we will discuss the difference between different categories including CAT5, 5E, 6 and 7 and understand the pointers you need to consider before buying Ethernet cables.

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CAT 5 Cables: What Makes Them Slow?

As you all know, the abbreviation CAT refers to the word Category. CAT 5 is the oldest category of cables and was crafted to work with the devices that work at the speed of 10Mbps (megabytes per second) and 100Mbps. Although you can obtain gigabit speeds by using CAT5 cable, it is not guaranteed. Also, it is a little difficult to find CAT5 cables in the stores today as they were used previously for pairing routers, switches and other devices. It can support the bandwidth of up to 100 MHz.

Cat6: What Makes Them Faster than Cat5 and Cat 5E?

CAT 6 cables are more superior and swifter in working as compared to CAT5 and 5E cables. It supports speeds of up to 10 Gbps. Which makes it 10 times faster than CAT5E cables. The only drawback of this cables is that it cannot work with home networks. Even if you use them, you won’t be able to notice the difference that occurs in the crosstalk interference as you can in CAT5E. Large enterprises that need to deal with bulk files everyday often need CAT6 cables. It supports the bandwidth of up to 550 MHz.

And How About CAT7 Ethernet Cables?

CAT7 is the latest ethernet cable and is a better version of CAT6 performance wise. These cables are backward compatible with CAT5/5E and CAT6 and offer the speed and support of up to 10Gbps. When tried and tested by different professionals, these ethernet cords have displayed the potential of transmitting data of up to 40 Gb at 50 meters. It is covered by a jacket that prevents signal loss.

Is the Advent of CAT8 Cables on the Cards?

Some brick and mortar stores do sell CAT8 cables. These cables are expected to support the bandwidths of up to 2GHZ and speed of 25Gbps/40Gbps for up to 30 meters. Its major purpose to be used with patch cords in data centers. This is because, as of now, they will be more effective only for short length cables. Once it evolves over the years, we might start using it for other purposes.

Okay, So Which One Should I Go for?

When you decide to buy a Lan cable, you must keep in mind that network speed and internet speed are different. Also, when you upgrade your network cables, the speed of internet will not change as it is dependent on several factors. But it might affect the speed of file transfers that happen between computers.

When you choose a network cable, you must check whether it compatible with your hardware or not. If you want to enhance the speed of your network despite of the latest cable, you can consider buying other devices like a gigabit friendly network card and a compatible router. Search on the internet as to what kind of cable will work with your hardware.

If you want to make the most out of the potential of ethernet cables, make sure that they are not longer than 100 meters in length. Also, choose the network topology which goes with your office’s interior. In case you are confused or get stuck somewhere, you can always seek help from experienced professional of a firm that sells cables and electrical accessories online. We hope that the article was useful to you. 

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