Can I claim back bank charges from 10 years ago?

On the surface the question may sound silly. At a certain point no matter how badly you were wronged it makes sense to simply let a dead dog lie, right? Well, maybe not. The fact is that banks have been doing unscrupulous things for decades. More and more the people are saying that they are fed up with these practices. But what about your claims? Where would they lie? Here's a handy guide for appreciating whether or not you have been mis-sold bank packages and if you have a claim.

What: You may not even be sure if you would qualify for something like this. But the fact is that many consumers were swindled and they may not even know if they are due any recompense. If you ever paid or still today pay a monthly fee for your bank account, you may actually be entitled to reclaim scores of money.

Why: Many of these fraudulent accounts were mis-marketed and sold off to consumers who may not have known any better. High-Street banks have been doing this bait and switch game for so long now. One banker tells  you that you would have some service but then another says that you need to have some type of account or another and you wind up being double-dipped. Also you may have inadvertently been signing yourself up for some faux "insurance" which did nothing for you but still cost you money each month.  Banks are obligated to ensure that whatever type of insurance it is they are selling you is something that you will have need for. Many instead opted to do nothing of the kind and just collected premiums on policies that would never pay out.

When: Over the last 10 or 15 years packaged bank accounts were all the rage. So when someone asks can I claim back bank charges from 10 years ago the short answer may be "yes!" If you have your paperwork in order or you can prove that sometime in recent history you have paid for charges that you weren't sure what they were for, that's ground zero for a claim.

Where: Most of the big banks who do business across the region are the targets of these lawsuits. Even if yours is a hometown "local" bank, check again. Most banks are owned by bigger subsidiary banks. Check the chain of command to see just who owns your bank. See if they are a branch of a much larger parent bank. Even if they are not you still may be able to qualify for some type of refund. 

How:  You may look at the question "can I claim back bank charges from 10 years ago?" and say that's folly.  If you are going to go it alone then you are really asking for some type of David & Goliath confrontation. A single individual going up against the big banks isn't something that most of us would have the gumption or resources to undertake. But if you have a partner who is skilled in this type of transaction then you may wind up successful and none worse for wear.

If you really want to receive the monies owed to you from big banks who did dishonest things, then you should have an ally in your corner. The team at Quantum Refunds do their very best to take the hassle out of making these banks pay for their transgressions. Give the team at Quantum Refunds a call just to talk and see if you have some type of claim.


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