Can’t Shake the Haze? 11 Ways to Jump-Start Your Day

In business and life your sense of wellness should be of prime importance. If you are not happy, chances are you will not be productive either. Happiness comes from many different sources and you need to stay on top of your game for the best outcome in all regards. Seasoned Arizona attorney Jeffery Phillips goes as far as saying that every layer needs to take a pro bono case at some time, listing the benefits which gratitude alone provides. A few small changes to your routine and mindset is all that it takes to give your day a jump-start, time and time again. Here are eleven great productivity life hacks to help get your day started on a good note.

1. Form a Regular Routine

Routine may not be everyone's favorite part of life but it sure does make adjusting your focus much easier. Plant to start work at the same time each day, setting a morning schedule if possible. A few mundane tasks is all that it takes to trigger the working focus that you need. After a few weeks, you will find that both your mind and body are ready to jump into your projects with ease.

2. Create a List for the Day

Lists are a great way to add structure and motivation to your workday. The satisfaction of crossing an item off your list is enough to give you the boost you need to continue working productively. It also serves as a subtle reminder of how close the end of the day is. Stick to realistic lists with attainable goals . There is nothing more disheartening than a feeling of a lack of progress and no one wants to carry tasks over to the next day. The stress upon waking is unnecessary.

3. Start with the Big Jobs

The best time to get stuck into your most taxing work is when you are at your peak. There is no better time than after a hot shower, a hearty breakfast and a strong cup of coffee. Your projects will feel less daunting when you begin them earlier in the day. A big job appears insurmountable when you are only starting at 2PM.

4. Get Unpleasantaries Out of the Way

If you are in a situation where you have to convey awkward news, there is one thing that is certain. If you don't feel like doing it now, you certainly won't later. Get the bothersome tasks out of your way right at the start of your day. You really don't need the stress. No matter how terrible the task may be, most horrible jobs take just a few minutes. Give yourself a clear head and conscience by handling these pesky details first thing in the morning.

5. Get Good Rest

Without enough sleep , you will never get the productivity that you need out of your day. A good night's rest ensures that you will have the energy necessary to sustain you throughout the day. Set a schedule and stick to it, your body will thank you. While it is possible to push yourself to a productive state with little rest, doing so can result in serious medical complications such as adrenal fatigue over a long period of time. It is best to never work when you are tired.

6. Make Distractions Disappear

By no means should you allow yourself to be distracted by friends, family, social media or any other trivial concerns whilst you are working. The hours that you allocate must be spent working, nothing else. In most cases distractions result in missed deadlines and disappointed clients. You cannot afford this. If getting rid of a distraction is too taxing, then find a way to tolerate it. Managing the things that break your focus is essential to staying productive. You can help keep your self focused with Nootropics which are quite simply brain boosters they help with your clarity and keep you concentrated on the task in hand with and cut down on distractions and procrastination. "Nootropics help with your cognitive thought and keeping your mind focused on getting the work done" Brain Boosting experts from -

7. Take Care of Correspondence

You should assign a few sections of your workday to deal with phone calls and emails. Keep your inbox organized and be sure to record any necessary information in an easy to access place. Spreadsheets containing customer information is a great way to stay on top of who you are helping, and their preferences. By attending to your email daily you will never end up with clutter, missed mails and lost productivity.

8. Maintain Healthy Physical and Emotional Well-Being

You need to take care of yourself! Underlying medical conditions are responsible for the majority of fatigue, split-focus and lack of motivation. Repressed emotional issues and stress will impact your productivity and steal valuable hours from your life. It is a good idea to devote time to doing the things that you love. Alone time should be a daily ritual. A segment of refreshment wherein you allow your mind to wander far from work, will do wonders for your productivity.

9. Take Advantage of Time Management Technology

We are all proud by nature and some egos find it extremely hard to admit that productivity tools and time management technology, will actually help their work.

"You can’t micro and macro-manage every aspect of your work or business from safely inside your head. There are countless apps and desktop tools that make time management fun and easy, while upping your productivity by far more than you would expect" Tech Experts from WebHosting Company -

Explore a little in your free time, you’ll be surprised by what you find.

10. Subdivide Large Projects

Every large project should have a plan and schedule of its own. Break up big tasks into manageable chunks and assign a time-frame and list of pre-requisites which need to be done first. Prioritize your sub-divided project according to difficulty, starting with the hardest jobs first, and your productivity will sky-rocket. One of the most effective time management techniques is the Pomodoro technique . Break your schedule up into 25-minute work segments, resting for five minutes and then ten minutes consecutively after the first and second session.

11. Learn to Say No

No one understand the pressure to be a people pleaser more than a first-time business owner. Whether you are a freelancer, a corporate professional or an avid entrepreneur, learning to refuse clients is one of the most powerful things that you need to learn. If your gut tells you not to agree with any given proposition, don’t. Never lower your self-value neither. The money may be tempting, but you will have no motivation for the project.

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