Challenges Face During IIoT Implementation and How to Overcome Them?


‘Internet of Things’ – is a concept heard of, for sure. ‘Industrial Internet of Things’ – might be a fairly new concept for you. Industries that are willing to boost their productivity by working smoothly, safely and efficiently often opt for IIoT solutions.

Recently, Forbes questioned 500 executives about the challenges they face while working with IoT capabilities. Out of these, nearly 29% said that they had issues with the average quality of IoT technology. Well, this isn’t quite surprising as IoT can do a lot more than it does right now. It should support an array of standards, devices, and vendors while transmitting data. A lot of companies have issues when it comes to the adoption of industrial IOT as it is overwhelming and they don’t know where to start from.

So, what are the potential challenges that companies face when it comes to IIoT implementations and how can you overcome them? Let’s find out:

Integrating IIoT Solutions

Merging Information and Operational technologies is the biggest challenge that companies face today. This is because, they have to merge the two securely. That too, without data loss. Also, it brings a lot of financial and logistic inconvenience.

During such times, some prefer an independent industrial IOT solution. But when it comes to merging IT & OT, connectivity goes missing. Moreover, this asks for companies to replace the equipment or cope with faulty connectivity.


Another challenge for IIoT technologies is security. If there is a security breach, it affects companies up to a great extent. Today, as industries use an array of IIoT solutions, it makes them vulnerable to hacks, security compromises, and the risks associated with IT convergence.

And let’s say, the companies consider the security while selecting the technology. In that case, they might not be able to find a complete cyber security solution that they are looking for. This is when IIoT ends up sounding like a hype if it doesn’t come with robust security features.

Visibility and Connectivity

Once you install IIoT technology and have the machines in place, you need to check whether they provide you with the best outputs. And that too, in real time. In order to find discrepancies and address the errors before they occur, you need to keep updated with the well-being of machines.

Sometimes, you will experience glitches in synchronization in case of power blackouts, technical errors, and internet outages. In such cases, you might have to remove connected devices from the network. As and when you make your systems global, IIoT might bring about more challenges for you.

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