Challenges Faced During the Development of Web Application

As the growth of web development sector increases, most of the companies are now focusing on building successful web applications that will effectively promote business & reach the targeted audience. In the current scenario, organizations often outsource their web development services to ensure timely completion of the project at low cost.
However, it is necessary to make sure that the web services being developed do not compromise with the quality. Users demand quick response and friendly interface to fulfill their requirements efficiently. More than 50% of the users expect the web page to load within 2 seconds and some even close the browser tab if the website is not loading in 3 seconds.
Since the business owners demand the best web services, developers had to face challenges during the development phase of the web application. If you are looking for Web Development Services in Australia, make sure that the developer's team you hire are aware of the latest development trends to avoid these challenges.
Here are the Web Development challenges that are faced by developers:
  • User Experience
Web applications need to be very responsive so that users won’t be disappointed while they browse via their mobile phones. Website navigation is often neglected but it should be intuitive to give better user experience to the visitors browsing your website.
  • Less Scalable
Developers should not burden all the load on one server but it should be designed in such a way that it can work properly to improve scalability. Service-oriented architecture provides flexibility to modify easily when more servers are added or removed.
  • Knowledge of Framework
Since framework plays an important role for any programming languages, it is necessary to ensure that developers have a good knowledge of framework and platforms. It will help in enhancing performance and extend capabilities with better features.
  • Security Threats
Though great design and user experience are important, web app security is also the main concern that cannot be avoided. User’s sensitive data related to payments, account details should be secured to avoid unauthorized access, illegal use, forgery etc.
  • Poor Performance
For the website success, performance matters a lot as users often leave those websites that take too much time to load. It will eventually affect the revenue & reputation of the brand. Some issues are the unmanaged growth of data, un-optimized database, poorly written codes, etc.
The developer's team should be aware of these challenges so that they can tackle them properly before the final product is being delivered to the clients. Hire Web App Developers in Sydney that use best practices for developing web applications & has the ability to overcome all the challenges discussed above.

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