Challenges to Know if Willing to Work in a Contact Center

Working in a contact center, agents are responsible for multiple tasks. Whether handling the customer support service in-house or outsourcing contact center services, agents have to deal with multiple prospects everywhere. Contact center agents handle large number of queries daily, to handling simple and complex bill payments.

If you are wondering what tasks you would have to perform as a call center agent, then the first requirement is to become pro-active in nature.

As an agent working for outsourcing contact center, you will be responsible for call center outsourcing, virtual call center tasks, non-voice processes, dealing with short SMS queries, answering inbound phone calls, getting back to customer emails, responding to support tickets, engaging in live chats, doing outbound calls, looking after pre-sales, inbound sales, complaints, technical support, etc.

There are multiple functions for the contact center agents and thus outsource call center seems to be a safer option for businesses, as they know all monotonous tasks will no more be an issue as an experienced partner will be available to perform all functions.

According to Gartner, unified Omni channel customer engagement will become tougher by 2020.

This highlights that the industry seems swift and easy going from outside, but is hard to survive from with-in.  

Taking outsource call center service is the most common step taken by all businesses today, as no company wants any drawback or limitation to the customer support service.

Thinking of the same, outsourcing to contact centers is considered a safe option for business growth. Although it may be a god option for businesses, but taking it as a career objective can be a bit dicey.

The contact center industry seems to be attractive and growing from outside, but suffers some potential challenges. Before finalizing to make a career as a contact center agent, check out the challenges that will help you taking a better decision for your career:

The stress factor

When a company chooses outsourcing contact center services, it wants agents to be available to the business service 24X7. So firstly, the job profile can be hectic and may lead to stress with overtimes of work.

Businesses outsource knowing the fact that 24X7-service will be available to the customers that in-house service lack. So, when working as an agent, be ready to work in night shifts too as you have to be flexible with timings and meeting strong deadlines.

There is no excuse for agents of a contact center and that is why working with full dedication is essential for them.

Since agents need to handle repetitive calls, sales related works and many more tasks, their work is tedious demanding odd timings of work. So, if you are thinking to build a career as a contact center agent, be prepared for all the shortcomings too.

Limited growth

Since there are multiple tasks to perform and a monotonous work environment in a contact center, growth opportunities are limited.

An agent has to work on the same profile for long and growth is a dream in the industry.

Why so?

As tasks are monotonous and repeated in contact centers, growth opportunities become limited. Businesses go for outsourcing contact center services, as they know they will get a team to work on the repetitive tasks. Since experts perform all these functions and the in-house agents are not busy performing non-productive functions, outsourcing becomes a lifesaving option for organizations.

Since, contact centers perform the same duty everyday, growth opportunities is limited in the stream making it not a good career perspective.

Complex system

Businesses outsource call center, as they know handling the complex tasks of all customer support functions is time taking. It is better to outsource rather keeping in-house agents busy in a non-productive activity. Outsourcing saves expenses and gets agents to perform the complex tasks making it a supportive service.

Complex systems in contact centers like inefficiency in fetching correct answer for agents, problem in receiving a piece of information, deteriorated performance, etc. leads to business downfall and agents need to take its responsibility.

This is why if you are planning to build a career as a contact center agent, you have to be ready to take responsibility of performing all complex tasks within strict deadlines and that too with accuracy.

High expectations

Contact center agents have to live up to high expectations. They have to meet strict deadlines with loads of work making their job very challenging. Many agents leave the job feeling pressurized with heaps of work and that is why think before stepping in for a contact center agent.

Moreover, agents also have to face rude customer comments and even in such situation, they have to be nice to the customer to maintain customer loyalty towards the business. Thus, before starting to work as an agent, all these aspects have to be in mind.

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