Choosing E-Commerce Platform According to Your Business Size: A Perfect Guide

E-shopping has become the trend now. The global e-retail sale is predicted to increase by 17.5% in 2021- shows Statista. Therefore, if you want to launch an online store, you need to decide which shopping basket shall empower your e-store. Now, selecting a suitable platform for your e-store is a tough task.

Although there are many baskets that facilitate your ecommerce store development, each one has its own specialties to give you the best. Which one to go for depends on your situation. Here is some information that helps you select the right one. You will be able to fully optimize a platform when you choose according to the size of your business.

For Start-Ups

The online retail charm drags you to sell online. But as it’s a start, you would be unaware of the technical know-how and new to the business of online retail. Let me tell you, hosted platform like Shopify is a child play. It can start doing wonders for your store within a few minutes even with little pocket. The Shopify infrastructure provides rich features, custom design templates to choose from.

Mobiles are the love of globular people and M-shopping will be reaching 70% of e-commerce traffic by end of 2018 – showed by Statista. Keeping that in mind, Shopify facilitates your customers to visit your mob store too and add to their carts. Multiple payment options for your customers, acceptance of different currencies and supporting multiple languages is all provided by Shopify ecommerce development.

Shopify should be your choice when you want a good return over your small investment. Just select a Shopify plan within your budget and it sets up your e-store. Thereafter, in the future when you look towards expansion of your business, you can move to some other ecommerce platform when you have a budget and get an experience in the online retail business.

The Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Facing a dilemma as to which ecommerce framework would suit your e-store? If you are already into retail business, ranging from small to mid-scale and want to expand and excel in the e-retail arena, WooCommerce is your way. According to present records, WordPress plugin – WooCommerce is used all over the world by tens of millions of people as their web development platforms for small and mid-scale business.

You need better custom design templates and an array of features and functions to expand your e-retail. But can’t afford the professional designers to design your store front. Custom WooCommerce Development service provides a wider range of themes and functions. You can either select from those available or design storefront your way with n number of customization options. Self-hosted WooCommerce basket allows you to add, as many functions as you want to, by integrating with WordPress plugins.

WooCommerce based e-store can be built up at economic price. And the custom designs, features and functionalities are neither less than Shopify nor more than Magento. It’s specially meant for the SMBs. So, first accelerate your business on WooCommerce and later make it huge by opting for Magento.

Large Scale Enterprises

When you range one among the large sized businesses, you need to continuously beat your competitors and hold infinite number of products on your e-store. You often have to run many storefronts via single dashboard. It is often hectic to handle these glitches without perfect ecommerce platform. Magento ecommerce development facilitates you with all the elements needed to excel in the e-business domain.

Magento facilitates you with the branding options like tools for campaigns, coupons, catalog pricing, bundled products and much more. It makes your daily business administration easy by providing a detailed report on how your website performs. Furthermore, serves you with the information about what’s new in the market, what is the current demand, etc. And in this way helps to perform at par with the competitors.

Magento has a plethora of customization features and functionalities and comes with an in-depth option of ecommerce solutions. It has the capability to work with different currencies, payment gateways and multiple languages which is often the need of large enterprises.


Now, select the shopping cart for your e-store and utilize the maximum from it, depending upon the size of your business. Shopify hosted platform has the minimum features to help you start the business with minimum capital and perfect technical guidance. WooCommerce goes for SMBs who are little familiar to coding and e-business domain. And Magento is popular for large enterprises as it has everything in a greater range- great price and great features. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and build your e-store on the perfect platform.

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