Content marketing is a powerful marketing tool for small businesses but in this rapidly evolving market, it can be difficult to keep pace with content marketing trends. Long gone are the days when content marketing meant blog posts; there are many ways to share content and engage your audience. 

A little change can be good. Whether your content is already popular or you're looking to spice it up, don't limit yourself or get stuck in your comfort zone. Try integrating other forms of content, related topics or guest bloggers to keep your marketing fresh.

Eight Content Marketing Tips and Best Practices:

Be Audience-Centric: The first rule of any content marketing strategy is to always keep your audience first. Don't just share information about your company and product, think about what would be valuable to your audience. Share cutting edge ideas and insights from a variety of sources, offer promotions and encourage audience participation and feedback.

Ask Questions: Communicate directly with your audience to increase content engagement. Surveys and polls are a great way to learn about what people want to know more about; you don't have to guess what people want - ask!

Be Focused: Be strategic and focused with your content. Everything you share won't appeal to everyone and that's ok. SEO loses its effectiveness if you are writing to a broad audience; think about writing to specific market segments or individuals.

Get Feedback/Encourage Sharing: Always include social media sharing buttons on your content to encourage people to spread the word. Also include a feedback button so you can keep your finger on the pulse of how your content is received and encourage people to ask questions and engage.

Images, Audio and Video: Not all content should be text-based. Video marketing is becoming the most effective and impactful way to... Create video and image content that is relevant and compelling to increase sharing and engagement. Podcasts are also becoming a popular form of content marketing and are not as expensive or complicated to create as you may think!

User-Generated Content: Encouraging your consumers to post user images and videos is an extremely effective way to keep content fresh and interesting! Make sharing simple for users with social media sharing buttons and monitor social media feeds regularly.

Curate Content: Not all content has to be original, in fact it is almost impossible to keep fresh original flowing on a regular basis. Know who the influencers are in your industry and share their content as well (with links to sources). Watch industry trends and share market data from reputable sources.

Tell the Story: Let your audience know who you are and what your company is all about. Share the story of your business, you and your employees. Develop an authentic voice for your brand, and stick to it!

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