Converting A PDF File To An Excel File

Here is a task that may seem impossible. Has your boss asked you to convert a PDF file to an Excel file? You may be wondering how on earth you can accomplish this! After all, they are two entirely different types of files! Your PDF file is text-based, while Excel is a spreadsheet program. How are you ever going to do this? Take a deep breath and calm down; the answer is much easier than you think. With the FoxyUtils app, you simply follow the directions on your screen. Then after a few clicks of your mouse, this app will complete the conversion for you.


Regardless of your current level of computer expertise, after you finish these conversions, your boss will think you are the ultimate computer wizard. You never need to tell him how easy this actually is. Best of all, the FoxyUtils app is free to use. The app comes with step-by-step instructions clearly laid out right on your computer screen


First, it is a great idea for you to create a practice document to use for this lesson. That way, in the process of learning how to do the conversion, you do not mess up any important company files. Once you have mastered the conversion techniques, you can apply them to real company files.


On the top of your screen is the heading "convert PDF to Excel files easily for free!" The description underneath this heading tells you exactly what you will be able to accomplish with this free service. You will feel more relaxed when you read the description and see how simple this is going to be. All you need is the practice file name you are going to use and your computer. Are you ready? Let's proceed.


Lesson step one is to upload your files. The instruction below this step name says to "upload the PDF files to be converted." Then you will see a large, grey rectangular box in the middle of your screen. The note inside this box tells you to "drag files here to upload or." Beneath that are three other options noted on three small red toggle buttons. In order of appearance they say browse, Dropbox and Google Drive. Complete step one by doing whichever of these instructions applies to what you wish to do.


Step number two is managing files. The directions say to "ensure that all the PDF files that you want to convert are listed below. You will now see another large, grey rectangular box. However, this one is divided into three columns and two rows. Each of these is labeled with what information you should see in it. In case, you accidentally uploaded the wrong file, beneath this box is a button to remove all files. Just click on that, then begin again until you have the correct file uploaded.


The last step is to convert your file. Click on the red toggle button that says "PDF to Excel!" Your file should now be converted. On the bottom of your screen are some additional instructions. You will see the heading "PDF to Excel Converter Details." Take a look at each of the listed categories below this heading. If you still have questions there is online help for you. Do not hesitate to contact the support team at any time.


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