Create Your Social Media Strategy Following these 7 Easy Steps

An interesting social media strategy is the summary of everything that you do to make your online business a thorough success. It helps you decide whether your social media presence is going to become a success story or will eventually become a terrible failure. Every post you have created and every audience that you have successfully reached sums up together fulfils the purpose of your social media strategy. Therefore, it is highly important that you invest your unbiased attention into creating a remarkable social media plan for your entire business.


The more effective your overall social media marketing strategy is going to be, the easier it will be to execute it and generate some profitable results. Hence, you need to make sure to keep your strategy incredible simple, concise, effective and to the point. Unlike others, don’t make your plans lofty or you can eventually find yourself stuck in achieving goals which are hard to get.


Today, I am going to guide you through a step-by-step process to create a social media marketing strategy which will help you to easily climb through the stairs of success within no time.


Step # 1: Create a S.M.A.R.T Plan

SMART goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, and Relevant & Time-Bound. If your goals aren’t set then you can’t really be able to measure your success based on ROI (Return on Investment). Such SMART goals which are based on vanity metrics cannot provide precise and accurate results. Whereas, metrics that are based on real values such as lead generation, web referrals, and conversion rate are more fruitful. If you want to know which value metrics are important, Click Here.


Always base your SMART goals based on real value metrics instead of Vanity metrics.   


Step # 2: Learn About Your Audience

If you want to see your social media marketing strategy turn into a thriving success, then you need to learn about who your audience is or what you can do to serve them better. For that, you can create some buyer personas that are specifically representing your ideal clients and customers. By identifying their needs, you can think much clearly then your competitors and in fact, easily design your campaigns to give your target audience a much personalized experience then the rest.


Learn about your audience, it’s the most important thing if you want your social strategy to work.


Step # 3: Perform Research on Competition

Remember! You are not the only one using social media, your competitors are also using the same platform as you are. By studying your competitors, it becomes relatively easier for you to understand what they are doing differently in the market. It will also help you develop a good sense of what is expected by customers. Knowing about your competition will allow you to set more accurate social media goals. A company which has a set of defined goals often climb the stairs of success briskly.


Perform authentic and in-depth research of similar competitors in order to reach success in no time.


Step # 4: Execute a Social Audit

What social media tools are you using? Nevermind, whatever you are using, just take a step back and perform a bird’s eye view on the whole thing. Ask yourself which social media strategies will work best for your specific business. When you are reaching out to your customers using social media, remember that you are not using a single social avenue. Brands are promoted differently across different social channels. They usually take a multi-directional approach using a multitude of accounts.


A good audit will help you identify the potential gaps in these channels so u can fix them accordingly.


Step # 5: Create Mission Statements to Stay Unidirectional

Like I said, businesses don’t reach out to the target audience through a single social media channel.

And while working with different social media platforms, social media strategists design various strategies for different channels. For example, you can use Snapchat and Instagram to tell your

Audience your brand success story, while you can use Twitter at the same time for customer service and use Facebook for increasing sales. But they would only work if you have created small single-lined mission statements which create a clear understanding among all social executives.


Clearly defined missions always lead social media teams reach higher level of successes.


Step # 6: Create a Content Calendar

As much as sharing potential content on your social media platforms is important, it is also equally important that you create a robust content calendar. A well-designed content calendar can help you assemble all your social media activities in one place. From images to link sharing, it includes everything that you are planning to send out on social media. With a calendar, you are fully assured that your posts are getting published at the right time through the right social channel. Just make sure that your social media calendar is in accordance with the mission statement set for social platforms.


Create a content calendar to know where you should start and how you should progress. Follow it religiously then.  


Step # 7: Test Evaluate & Re-Share

One way to track your customers is by using UTM parameters to track the visitors coming to your social channels. Once, you know about them, then you can test, re-evaluate and re-share information to attract their attention over and over again. With constant testing, you will be able to identify what works best for your business. It enables you to refine your strategy in real-time which will eventually. Performing surveys is also a great way to help you understand how the strategy works.


We live in a day and age where things are always in a constant change. As we move ahead, we observe demographic shifts, network developments, business periodic changes, etc. In all this, a well-documented social media marketing strategy can work wonders for the business. Always remember, when using a social media strategy, just make sure that you are always on the same mission track, but make changes as you move forward such as social tools, and plans.

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