Each year, there are many logo design trends that come and go. But minimalist designs have always existed and are still going strong. Minimalism is not a trend, in fact, it’s more like a lifestyle and the same can be adopted to designing a logo. Minimalist designs are simple and unique in the style and also the choice of colors, but they get the work done, sometimes even more efficiently than other designs.

Minimalism is when you only utilize essential elements to create a major impact. Since so many years, Nike has had the same minimalist logo and is famously known as the Nike Swoosh. The Nike logo design is still relevant and iconic. It never went out of style and it is very difficult to find someone who doesn’t know what that sign stands for.

Let’s take a look at some characteristics of a minimalist design.

Flat forms

Graphic design is full of flat forms. The major reason is that 2D images are easy to create and there is no distortion. Flat designs are efficient in the way they use the space and create an impact.

Geometric shapes

The basic shapes like square, circle, triangle, rectangle create a balance and offer proportion to a logo design. A lot of times we see a slight interplay of these geometric shapes in a logo. Some of the biggest brands like Windows and Audi make use of the basic geometric shapes as their logo.

Color schemes

In minimalist logos, white and black are two colors that are widely used. Often we see a single or two-tone color scheme in a huge area that is either black or negative space. There are also brands who smartly incorporate more colors into their minimalist logo.


Bold typography is often the center point of a minimalist logo design. It tends to take up the charge of the logo and creates an impact. This kind of typography demands attention. This typography gives a modern and aesthetic feel along with being impactful in the logo.


Graphic designers love it when they get to play with a design and develop a sense of excitement and surprise. A nuanced logo is the one that is so each to catch and identify that it can never be confused with another logo. That’s the strength of a nuanced minimalist logo.

Benefits offered by a minimalist design

  • Minimalist designs are easier to identify and remember.
  • There is not too much ornamentation.
  • Says more by showing less.
  • Easy brand recognition.
  • Time and cost efficient.
  • Stay relevant for a longer period of time.


Creating a minimalist logo design is tricky but is equally fun. There are so many international brands that make use of minimalist logo designs. A minimalist logo design is not very difficult to create, but it definitely requires a lot of creativity and innovation along with the right knowledge of graphic design. If you think you need help with developing your own minimalist logo, appoint a graphic design company.

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