CS540 VS CS530: Which One is the Best Office Headset?

The headsets manufactured by Plantronics have been making it to the best sellers list since long and they have proven to be highly feasible for users of all types. The headset systems and headphones by Plantronics have high quality features facilitating the users during their daily work routine.

The CS500 series of Plantronics contains a variety of headsets available in various wearing styles and high end features. The headsets included in this series have a high definition superior audio quality which ensures that the communications carried out through these headsets are crystal clear and disturbance free. A long lasting battery time and an intelligent power adaptive system makes this series highly recommended for users working in a customer care center, a stock exchange building or any other work environment having high volume of calls.

Both Plantronics CS540 and CS530 are remarkably amazing headset systems providing the users with a complete package which facilitated them in carrying out their daily work responsibilities at work place. The headset system contains a base, a microphone and earbuds and makes it convenient for users to use them with any kind of soft phone systems in order to carry out assured smooth conversations.



The major difference between Plantronics CS530 and Plantronics CS540 wireless headsets is that CS530 is available in over the ear wearing style and users who prefer headsets in this wearing style will feel very comfortable in these headsets. Whereas Plantronics CS540 wireless headsets are available in a convertible wearing styles and users can adjust into one of three available positions according to the personal preference and comfort level of the users and carry out their daily work responsibilities comfortably without any interference. The available position include over the ear, over the head and behind the head wearing styles.

The other major difference between these two Plantronics headsets which are CS540 and CS540 is the battery time. Plantronics CS540 has a slightly longer battery time of seven hours as compared to six hours battery time of CS530.As it is very important for a wireless headset to have a reasonable battery time s users must consider even the slight difference into battery into account while choosing a headset.


The wideband audio of these amazing headsets with an additional superior technology makes the audio quality remarkably well and this feature is also responsible for eliminating any kind of interruption or disturbance caused by the presence of nearby Wi-Fi networks. The advance superior technology embeded in these headsets also protect human ear from audio spikes during a conversation caused due to environmental factors.

An extra ordinary range of 350 feet enables the users of Plantronics CS530 and CS540 to continue managing calls while being away from the base of the headset system. This factor proves to be very helpful in professional environmental as it enables the users to still manage and handle calls while being away from their seats in order to carry out a group meeting or a discussion regarding work with any of the team members. This enables the users to never miss any important call and still manage to interact with other professional efficiently. The advance DECT 6.0 technology used in these awesome headsets make it easier to carry out wireless multitasking and the audio quality and clarity remains unaffected even if the users is away from the base within a specified range.

The sleek and sophisticated design of these headsets provide the users with wireless freedom and the lightweight of these headsets makes them extremely comfortable to wear during long office hours as well as for professional who need to work while travelling from remote locations. The variety of wearing styles and the light weight minimize the risk of any exertion on head, neck or ear caused by wearing headsets for a longer period of time and the ergonomic design of these amazing headsets avoid causing any health hazard even when worn for hours.

The one touch control present on the ear band of these remarkable Plantronics headset enables the users to instantly take a call, end it or reject it. Other controls are present on the base of the headsets and all functionalities can be managed from there including mute call, volume controls and all other such functionalities.

The advance microphone technology used in these headsets are well equipped with an extra extended boom which is responsible for improving the microphone quality and ensures that the communications carried out through these microphone are transferred to the listener with complete clarity and accuracy. Both these headsets Plantronics CS530 and CS540 feature noise cancelling properties which ensure that the communications remain unaffected by the background noises .They also assure the users that the conversations are smooth and clear even if the office environment is crowded or noisy.

The noise canceling properties of the headsets are especially significant for professional working in a customer care center a stock exchange building or people carrying out their work responsibilities while traveling. The material used in these highly recommended Plantronics headsets is flexible and durable and proves to be useful offer user for quite long without needing to replace headsets often.

Professionals as well as users of all types and backgrounds are recommended to use these Plantronics headsets which are Plantronics CS530 and CS540 as the high end features and extraordinary quality of these headsets systems is responsible for facilitating them in carrying out their daily work responsibilities and enhance their performance and productivity.

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