Culture champs — 3 diverse firms with great perks

If you regularly scour LinkedIn for the tastiest thought leadership titbits, you might have noticed a few articles about Millennial vs Baby Boomer workers and which corporate cultures they prefer.

Many of these musings rely heavily on the stereotyped presumption that younger ‘entitled’ workers are only happy when they’re permitted to work a 2 hour week for full pay and spend all their time lounging on beanbags.

On the flipside, the stereotypical Baby Boomer is used to 160 hour weeks and needs nothing more than a bare bench, bread, water and a basic PC to crank out high-quality work.

Aside from polarising debates and clickbait headlines, more companies are acknowledging that positive cultures are more productive and boost recruitment and retention.

Here are three such culture champs — firms with premium perks that make their staff feel fab.

  1. Social Chain

Any company that employs a Director of Happiness must take company culture seriously — and social media gurus Social Chain do just that.

Under the stewardship of the director, employees enjoy an in-house bar, chillout areas and yoga classes — it’s a wonder there’s any time left to squeeze work in.

But unlimited holidays, extended leave for travel sabbaticals and access to mortgage advisors and life skills coaches are some of the more substantive perks of working at a company which seems to want to retain talent through fostering trust and transparency.

  1. Perpetual Guardian

New Zealand financial wizards Perpetual Guardian hit the business headlines recently for making a four-day working week permanent after a successful trial that started earlier in 2018.

Staff can either choose to take a full day off work or reduce their hours over a five day period — but whatever their preference, there’s no attendant pay reduction.

By working in a much more focused and efficient way while in work, the 4 day week has ended up being more productive than its predecessor — and most staff reported feeling highly motivated to boot.

  1. Ormiston Wire

Braid manufacturer Ormiston Wire has been ahead of the curve for several years in terms of focusing on productivity and results, rather than time spent at work.

It introduced a shorter working week in the 1970s after noticing that some staff enjoyed a few beers at lunchtime after being paid, making it unsafe for them to operate machinery on their return.

But instead of disciplining staff, the firm announced that workers should finish at lunchtime on a Friday, a policy still in place to this day. This boost to life-work balance hasn’t affected productivity at all — something less flexible employers should perhaps take note of.

When you’re choosing a new job, salary is important, but it’s not the only deciding factor.

The next time you’re looking around, be sure to consider which organisation maintains a culture that makes you slot in smoothly from the beginning and want to stay for the duration.

Does your firm have a positive culture? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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