Customize Odoo Backend to Make Your Odoo Store More Productive Than Ever

Milton Glaser is one of the finest graphic designers of all time. He is the one who designed the famous “I Love NY” logo and gave a new image to the city. Yep, the same logo you see with I, a little red heart and NY embossed on t-shirts. Once in a program in the Yale University, he said a beautiful thing about a website design. He said, “There are three responses to a piece of design: yes, no, and wow. Wow is the one you should aim for”.

This is the ultimate tip-off from the masterpiece. It is applicable to all the websites. No matter whether you are a real estate builder, or a healthcare operator, if your website gives a “Wow” effect, it will surely create a difference. The same applies to the backend of your store. If the design or user interface of the backend of your store is cringeworthy and boring, it might lead to a lot of mismanagement on the part of your e-store admins.


Of course, you should! Imagine your office all messed up with all your products scattered here and there. Moreover, to find anything, you have to play treasure hunt and spend hours. Your Odoo backend is also your online office where you have to manage everything. Hence, it is critical to streamline it and make it work well. So, that is how it becomes a necessity for your Odoo backend.

“Wow” here does not refer to an attractive appearance and mesmerizing visual effects. These are not at all required at the backend. Here, you will need an interface that allows you to navigate across all sections and subsection in the easiest ways. You should be able to access all the product of your online store in the quickest time. So, you will be able to manage your store seamlessly and focus more upon sales strategy instead of treasure hunts. To implant such mechanism to your backend, an Odoo Backend Theme will help you best.


As it says, “the better you are able to manage, the more productive you are”. When you are able to Customize Odoo Backend, it will make you productive. As you are operating your entire store form backend, you need to have complete control in front of you. A backend theme renders such control with high functionality and additional features. Let us see how these functionalities and features will help you to enhance the productivity of your Odoo store.

1. Simple Store Setup Gives You More Control

Simplicity is the best policy when it comes to managing your Odoo store. When you are supposed to handle orders, catalogues, shipping, payment, inventory and many others, it gets tough. A well-defined simple interface of your Odoo backend will enable you to access all the corners of your website. This gives you more control on your operations so, you are able to focus on all the faucets of your online store. Hence, your system becomes more productive and streamlined.

2. Better Performance and Higher Usability

There are many factors that play crucial role at your backend work processing. When you are able to see all the orders, shipment, inventory and other important data on the board, your performance gets better. An Odoo backend theme comes with a dashboard that gives you quick access to all such important information. Hence, it enhances the usability of your Odoo store. Moreover, a theme will help you to get rid of nerdy admin panel and will improve the look and feel of your backend. Thus, you will find your Odoo backend more user-friendly than ever and productive also.

3. The Power of Personalization

Ryan loves dark color, Toby likes to work on a classic view layout, Ruby is fond of Open Sans fonts. With your Odoo theme for Backend, you will be able to meet all these preferences. That is the power of personalization and choosing a backend theme renders this comfort to you. You can set the appearance, layout, features and arrange features as per your preferences. This way, you can improve the interface of your Odoo backend and make it interactive for your employees.

4. Managing Your Backend from Mobile

Let’s say you have to attend a meeting and you have to depart from earlier than your routing time. There are some orders pending and you have to process them at earliest. Now, if you can manage your Odoo backend from mobile, it will be a great help.

That is the power of Mobility. Opting for a responsive Odoo backend theme helps you to capitalize on this superiority of mobiles. Such themes will help you to access all the features and manage your Odoo store from anywhere, on the go. Hence, you are connected with your Odoo store 24*7 and more productive.


There are numerous Odoo backend themes are available that offer you with wide array of features. One of the most suitable themes that fit best in the above-mentioned parameters is Odoo Falcon Backend Theme. It is mobile responsive backend theme powered by AppJetty. Falcon Odoo backend theme has all the features and potential to make your Odoo store productive and profitable. Some of the core features that Falcon  Odoo Backend theme have are:

Interactive Design: Falcon Backend Theme comes with an elegant look and a neat design. This enables your theme to offer impeccable viewing facility of your Odoo backends’ all-important modules.

Fully Customizable: Get the power of personalization with this fully customizable theme. You can set its appearance and feature as per your suitability with a wide array of fonts and image option.

Mobile Friendly Theme: Take the utility of your Odoo Backend theme to the next level by operating it on your smartphone devices. Falcon will help you to enhance your productivity by running it on mobile devices.


So, if the same old theme and vintage style admin panels are boring you, it is the time for change. Get a fully functional Odoo backend theme that can enhance the fruitfulness of your Odoo store and render good growth. Here, Falcon Odoo Backend theme would be the best pick. Get it now.

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