Cyber Attacks will Be Smarter in 2019

Cybersecurity is a major concern among the people of this age. While the millennials might be well versed when it comes to making use of technology, the fact is that they too are a victim of the cyber-attacks. Because the hackers have smart ways of fooling you into believing that a website or an email is authentic or safe. It is for this reason that you should opt for Frontier packages or the like that aim to offer a safe Internet experience.

However, the problem still stands because cyber-attacks are smarter now. But there should be smart ways to deal with them too.

Hybrid Cloud Security

An area where there is a prominent security gap these days is cloud technology. Organizations these days are making use of the cloud or third along with microservices as hybrid IT infrastructure. This allows the much-needed scalability and flexibility to the people to interact and share documents with each other.  However, the organizations do not have centralized visibility and control over these. This leaves behind a security gap. However, businesses will soon have to address this issue as a major chunk of all companies depends on the cloud these days. Hence, making is crucial to address the security gap that exists.

IoT- a Pain Point

The Internet of Things is a blessing in disguise. It has brought a lot of convenience with it. However, it is also the most vulnerable point for consumers as well as the companies when it comes to cyber-attacks. And the IoT attacks only tend to increase according to studies. IoT includes technologies like smart homes, driverless cars, smart cities, virtual assistants as well as smartwatches. These are some of the many examples of IoT. Everything is moving towards smart technology these days.

However, this smart technology enables things are also the ones most vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This is because many of these technologies are not secure end-to-end. The lack of standards owing to the security of these connected devices makes them a very favorable point for attacks.

Currently, the security of these devices is left on the respective device manufacturers and vendors. Because industry-wide standards do not exist as of now. The focus of the vendors, however, is not on the protection of the devices from attacks but on the functionality. This only worsens the problem. Therefore, it is the need of the hour to address this security concern.

Phishing Gets Personal

If you think that phishing has affected you in the past in the most annoying or frustrating way, wait till you hear this. The attackers no longer rely on sending standard emails on a large scale. In fact, they now attack individuals or business executive accounts. They believe that these accounts are more lucrative. They do not benefit from sending the standard phishing emails anymore. Because people have found ways to deal with them. They now tailor emails for each target separately, making the world wonder the amount of time they have at their hands.

AI Cyberattacks

Artificial Intelligence has changed the world in ways we could not imagine. It has given a new perspective to the way we viewed things in the past. However, this new and advanced technology is also vulnerable to cyber-attacks. AI is already becoming intertwined with individuals’ day to day life. So, it is actually quite natural for attackers to explore the potential of this available option as well. According to experts, cybercriminals are most likely to develop malware to infect an organization’s system. They can introduce this malware into a company’s system while they sit undetected. This will allow them to extract all the information that they require.

Software Vulnerabilities

Cybercriminals are also set to exploit software vulnerabilities. Organizations now make use of a couple of software to conduct the operations of their organization. Businesses rely on software to make them more productive and efficient. Hence, extracting more benefits as well. While this is something to be happy about, it is also worrying. Because anything that the attackers feel is in abundant use, they make it a potential target. The advanced software are on the attack-list too. The flaws in the software design make it a favorite amongst the cybercriminals. The design flaws are often the hardest to find and detect. This also makes them the hardest to fix as well. However, there needs to be a way to address this issue as well.

The fact that we are heavily dependent on these technologies makes the cyber-attacks even more worrisome. Every other thing these days is running on technology. You call the Frontier Customer service number and an AI assistant will guide you. You won’t even be able to guess that. This is as scary as exciting than it sounds. Under such circumstances, it becomes crucial to address the security concerns that exist.

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Comment by Joy Dunlap on July 8, 2019 at 1:12pm

It really looks logic, because our life now is more virtual than real. I say about our secrets, photos, communication, and other stuff, all of this we store in our smartphones.


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