Day # 8 Stop Biting yourself: Accept, Respect and Honor your emotions

You have advanced a lot identifying your area of improvement. You pictured yourself achieving your goals and dreams. Now is time to honestly evaluate which are the rules, protocols, standards, procedures and laws that you follow. Are those set of rules aligned to your core values, or are impose?

In this step, you have to listen to your self and be completely honest. There a lot of "society" rules, and also there are a lot of "stereotypes". Be different is OK, be unique is OK, think differently is OK, the most important part is that you accept, respect and honor your self. 

Your individual health covers your core values, life purpose and gifts/talents. When you are aware of those you could stand by them, and develop the strength to respect your self as the amazing being that you are. Your emotions are going to reflect that congruence and you won't experience inner conflicts. 

Inner conflicts occurs when your behavior and actions are not aligned to your core values. If you are not totally agree with a particular situation, or a particular group of rules,protocols, standards, laws and procedures - your emotions are messages to take action.

What you could do? Remember you are responsible

Evaluate objectively the situation

Define how you want to feel

Explore your options

Evaluate objectively and honestly your options

Take action

Action could be: 

1. Stay and adapt

2. Suggest a Change

3. Leave 

Remember you are an amazing human being, with an unlimited potential, and the right to be happy. If you are not happy - your emotions are trying to tell you the area where you have to look in details and take action. The process is simple:

1. Listen your emotions: use your emotions to identify areas of improvement

2. Accept: stop biting yourself  IT's OK!!!!!!

3. Respect your emotions: developing an action plan

4. Honor your emotions: taking action

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To be part of a team, you have to follow the team's rules. The question is: Are those rules aligned to your core values?

To be part of a team, you have to follow the team's rules. The question is: Are those rules aligned to your core values?

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