Debunking Top 5 Myths About Inventory Management Software Solutions

You run your business on products. So, technically inventory is the heart of your business. All your business offerings depend on it and just a clumsy errors in maintaining your inventory can lead to a long hard work or even a probable loss as well.

So, you can say that it is very important but it doesn’t mean that it is complicated. For example, if you are operating on a Magento based eCommerce website, then using a Magento Inventory Management Extension can boost your system to operate an efficient and error free inventory process. Conducting inventory management in Magento is a very simple thing but only when you are using the right tool and technology.

But if an organization is not using the right way to manage their inventory, it becomes complicated for them. Further, these complications lead to a misconceptions about the inventory management. And this misconception give rise to myths.

Through this blog, we will address some of the most common myths about Inventory Management Software Solutions. Parallel to that, we will also debunk these myths and give it a reality check. So, here we go:

Myth 1. There is No Need of Software for Inventory Management

“We don’t need any software or web solution to manage our inventory. We can do it on our own by maintaining everything in their books.”

Now, let’s debunk it!  

Software is an Utmost Useful Tool for Inventory Management

An inventory management software saves time and resources. It also saves you from keeping local copies. A software stores your data on a centralized system making it easy for you to save your data and share it with colleagues and vendors.

Myth 2. Inventory Management Software Solutions are Not Reliable

“We rely more upon human brain and not on computers. We don’t believe Inventory management software and rely more on human work and manage every single thing ourselves. Everything is registered in the book by our own employees.”

So not true!  

Software Works More With Perfection

And beyond all the facts, employees might switch the organization but your inventory management software will always be with you.

Myth 3. There Needs to be a Constant Check on Inventory

“We must not fall short of stock, neither we should run over the stock capacity. So, we should have a frequent watch.”  

Now this needs a check!

A Good Software Manages Everything

With the helps of analytics, these inventory management solutions manage stock according to the demand and expected supply

Myth 4. Only Inventory Specialist Can Track Orders & Place Demand

One of them is “Only an Inventory Specialist can track your inventory and place orders.” It also a point that “an inventory specialist can coordinate with operators to place order  

A Huge Misconception!  

A Software Tracks and Manages Orders in Real Time

An inventory management software allows user to see detailed information about any specific order in their system. Magento Order Management extensions are the best examples that manage your orders.

Myth 5. My Warehouse is too Messed up for a Software

“My inventory management is too messes up and cannot be handled by a software”.  
Debunking the Myth.  

Tech Supported Inventory Software Can Manage Everything

All you have to do is, choose the right software for your warehouse management. It syncs all parts of your warehouse and work centrally.

Wrapping Up...

Well, these were a few of the core myths that are in the vogue among the businesses about using an Inventory Management Software. So, if you are having any of these, then get over it and start applying it.

There are a lot of solutions available in the market. AppJetty also has one of its apps up in the market for inventory management; MageMob Inventory extension. This is a mobile app that can help you to manage your inventory on your mobile phone. It comes with a lot of features.  

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