shutterstock_289585190.jpgBecause we are frequently putting companies in competition with competitors with lower production costs, it leads them to two paradoxical approaches. Usually, and at the same time, they attempt to distinguish their services by providing a higher quality of sales services and a higher quality of products offered, and they also seek a higher level of competitiveness on price with their competitors with lower production costs. Thus, year after year, the value added and generated by the sales sector is one of the weakest of all service activities.


The result is, therefore, the one that would be expected: sales recruitment is always more difficult. That is because working conditions are less and less attractive even when a crisis produces an imbalance in favor of demand at a level that is rarely met. Providers will therefore do everything possible to win the most sought-after customers.


They do that by displaying the lowest possible prices. By doing so, they set the basis for a deceptive service for the consumer and are destructive of value. Providers may therefore feel that they have more control over their sales activities if they entrust them to a sales call center.


Your Salesperson

Your salesman will intervene for an indefinite period, and there is no question of changing course easily. Your salesperson should also be full-time, so you must be able to invest in his or her salary every month and the price may seem high for an emerging company. Whatever the experience of your salesperson, you will have to invest your time and remain attentive to what he does.


If you recruit a junior salesperson, it will consume a lot of time and energy in accompaniment and piloting. Don’t forget to enable complete and exhaustive sales reports. That is because you should avoid becoming dependent on him, as a salesperson will then hold one of your best tools: your client capital. The same goes for your human capital.



The solution of insourcing is today mainly chosen by companies that belong to very high-tech sectors and which require a salesperson whose knowledge of products and services are very sharp. We've already talked about the real cost of doing business. Therefore, it is essential to provide sales call centers with support.


Yet, having a sales call center activity with a third party has many advantages. It is this attempt to enable quality sales activities that are frequently initiated with a sales call center. Therefore, involve a sales team, not a simple advertisement.


Convincing Customers

Communicating, analyzing luxury shopping trends, convincing customers, prospecting customers, demonstrating luxury retail solutions and negotiating with customers, the range of skills needed to find new customers is wide and, whatever their experience level, each salesperson is more or less strong in some part of the process. According to providers, keeping the "interactive" part of a customer relationship internal means giving the impression to his clients that they are really interested in them, and that they will not enable anyone else to take care of their problems or questions. Salesperson must therefore be reasonably vigilant. However, setting up an in-house sales call center remains costly, especially with regard to day-to-day operations.


Hence, the choice between an internalized solution and an outsourced solution is not without consequence on the functioning of the company as a whole. In the same way, sales call centers should take note of a problem, listen while typing the relevant information quickly and do that with a minimum of faults. Sales call centers should also be able to search for useful information on software that has not always designed for that, while reassuring customers and always keep smiling and be patient in order to provide a beneficial image of a company at this key moment of the relationship. Therefore, with the crisis exacerbating cost reduction reflexes, companies have for the most part sought the minimum cost and maximum flexibility by outsourcing the management of their sales call centers.


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