Developing an Explosive Content Marketing Campaign

There comes a time in a business’s lifespan where it must branch out into the world of online marketing, and as technology become increasingly relevant, this time is appearing much more early within the life of the company. While this is not a bad thing, many businesses are missing out on a large amount of potential. Content marketing.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a business process which involves the creation and distribution of content that will attract and influence a targeted audience. This practice has been around for quite some time, however with the rise of inbound marketing and social media, it has become more of a viable option within the online marketing world. Let’s talk about how a business can develop a successful content marketing campaign.


Uncover the Target Audience

Perhaps the most important aspect of the entire campaign is finding who it should be targeted at. All too often we witness a business launching a new content marketing campaign, only to watch its lack of direction cause it to plummet faster than it took off. While unfortunate, this failure can be avoided with a bit of research.

There are many steps that play into uncovering a target audience. Identifying information such as: age, location, shared interests will grant a business the opportunity remove the “guess work” out of designing targeted content – allowing for a much more successful campaign from day one.


Develop Targeted Content

 Arguably just as important as discovering the correct audience, creating content that will be viewed as “valuable” to this group of individuals will tell the story of the campaign. Simply put, the campaign’s value reflects that of the content. Meaning, useless content will be the silver platter on which the campaign’s failure will be delivered.

Analyzing the audience’s pain points will allow a business to find what topics need to be covered. Study industry trends and optimize the campaign accordingly. Is there a commonly unanswered question among the industry? Answer it. More importantly, answer it in a format that the audience wants to see it in. Creating the wrong type of content will drastically hinder the forward movement of the campaign.


Revisit Old Content

Analyzing old content can help shape the campaign in many ways. Doing this will allow a content marketer to not only understand what has succeeded in the past. Was a piece of content well-accepted among the community? Create a follow up that backs up that point. This will not only generate interest within the existing audience, but will also persuade new audience members to dive deeper into the site to discover the original piece. Who knows, maybe they will find something else that appeals to them.

Equally important to building on prior successes is building off of failures. Did a great piece of content fail miserably? Do not just give up on it. Research this failure and find out what happened. Uncovering weak points in the content marketing campaign allows opportunity to avoid these failures in the future.


Utilize Social Media

More relevant than ever, social media can be a content marketer’s best friend. This can be an enormous tool since it serves as a direct form of communication between a business and its community. Studies have shown that 78% of customers are basing purchasing decisions off of a company’s social media presence, therefore jumping aboard the social media train is always a good idea.

In the world of content marketing, social media serves as acquire and share information almost immediately to a vast audience of interested individuals. Meaning a content marketer can not only use this analyze the various types of engagements the business receives, but they can also design content to answer these questions and put it directly in front of a concerned audience’s eyes.



There are many opportunities arising all around the content marketing world. Hopefully this piece will help create a greater understanding of these possibilities. Thank you for reading! Let’s continue this conversation on Twitter: @TrvshLvrd_RR. What successes have you had in the world of content marketing? Failures?

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