Developing an Uber like app Solutions

You might be next Uber if you are improving the quality of services and offering it on demand.

But developing uber like app solutions and getting a place on google play store or apple app store is not an easy task. To take a significant share of ridesharing market needs various aspects like uninterrupted services, seamless experiences for drivers and riders, and robust bond.

Undoubtedly, Travis Kalanick (Co-founder of UBER) looked up for hire was a product manager.

This article can better explain, what catapult growth of Uber and which technology they use to empower the Uber's Mobile apps.

Launching an Uber: - Strategy to-go-to market

Uber was officially launched in 2010. They have successfully provided 20000 rides to almost 6000 users. To have a healthy start of Uber, co-founders attracted both "drivers as well as riders" continuously. This is sort of chicken or egg problem.

Tech companies are always interested in new tools. This is all because of taking the chance to improve the quality of life. This was the reason why uber launched.

How did they do that? They hosted and sponsored the tech events and offered free rides to participants and those who like taxi booking app, wrote the blogs and storm the social media about the cool features of this app.

Uber gives 50% discount on the first ride, to encourage the new riders to opt their service. This initial discount makes new riders to become long-term customers.

Uber strategized it go to market strategy brilliantly. If you are looking for developing an app like Uber and to launch it making a focus on tech communities, there might be a chance that your app may get unnoticed. So, to bring it into the limelight it is very much significant to develop something unique which can tell a different story from Uber.

The technological working of UBER:-

UBER has a process to follow right from booking a cab to payment checkout for the ride. Let's discuss the working process of UBER. Firstly, let the uber know about your need for a trip. Then, uber will ask about your location. After getting the location, uber finds the nearby driver and let you know the arrival time of the cab pickup. Once the ride is completed, it allows you to rate the overall experience of the journey. After the rating of a ride, the cost of the ride automatically charged from your linked wallet, or you can pay through cash.

So the most important question is: - What technologies Uber trust on?


Uber is a location-based startup right from the day one as per Uber co-founders. They needed to understand the initials of iOS and Android location features to develop an Uber application.

Well, now the technology has become more advanced than what it was in 2010. So, now it has more ease to get the information related to the geolocation features.

You can get this information right from this article to figure out, how to develop your app like Uber.

Here are some features of mapping and geolocation that taxi booking app trust on are:-

1) Recognizing the device's location:-

To locate the user's device the Uber app for iOS use core location framework. This provides the protocols and classes to configure and arrange the location delivery and initiates server to send the location events. This also helps in defining the geographic regions and analyze the device movements.

Google Location APIs is used to as geolocation for the android version of the uber app. These are being intelligently manages the location technology which requires to initiates the location-based features.

2) Providing direction to drive: - Developers usually use the Map Kit in the uber app to show the point-to-point area along with the direction on a map. To register the app avail directions to the maps along with other mapping software on a device. Routes and directions become possible through Google Maps Android API.

3) Mapping software integration:-

Uber implemented Google Maps for iOS and Android versions of their app. As Google offers integration along with UBER. The strategy to avoid paying off to google for the solutions they are providing, Uber purchased companies offering mapping technology to resolve the logistics issues. The message is straight and clear, "Uber has a dream to be global king of local logistics and delivery".

Geolocation is undoubtedly the most crucial technology in the Uber app. Even you can be amazing to know the other functionalities if you remember to build an app like Uber.

4) Notification Updates and SMS: - As you book a ride, uber updates you with some of the notifications. The first one you will get at the time when a driver accepts the requests, following the one the second notification get an update when a driver is almost 1 min away from your location. They also notify about the cancellation of the ride due to some reason. You get the option to select the preferred method of receiving either the SMS or the push notification. Apart from that, you also heard about the Uber's surge pricing which is intensely criticized. The company gives the logic for charging the premium for a ride at the time of peak hours, holiday’s festivals and adverse weather are, it increases the drivers on the road and decreases up to the demand of potential riders. Previously, it was not used to notify customers about the end of surge pricing. Later on, Uber start sending the notification about the Turing off the price multiplier. Twilio telecommunications provider is the service provider for the Uber text message. To initiate push notification service uber have used app push notification service for iOS and Google Cloud Messaging for Android app.

NOTE: - The Apple Push Notification Service doesn't ensure conveyance of pop-up messages. Messages are lined such that if a client's gadget is disconnected or inaccessible, not all pop-up messages will fundamentally be gotten. From an engineer's outlook, APNS is uni-directional. This implies there is no real way to know whether a client's gadget had gotten a notice, or if it has been gotten when it was gotten. Then again, an SMS will dependably be conveyed. If it isn't conveyed effectively, your SMS supplier will advise you that your message fizzled. Not at all like APNS, has Google’s Cloud Messaging administration enabled you to screen the conveyance of pop-up messages.

5. Integration of the Payment: - Uber promotes and uses the cashless mode of payment. You can pay through either using a promo code or via debit or credit card. This eliminates the human to human interaction for cash payment transfers with the inclusion of the trip. Uber charge 25% of the fare of the driver's which makes it on the profitable business model. While initiating the card payments, there are few requirements that are mandatory as compliance. These are usually known as PCI requirements. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) is set of rules that are specifically designed to ensure and to have compliance about the process, store and transmission of card information to create a secure environment. This gets applied to the merchant having a Merchant ID, i.e. MID.Uber partnered with Braintree, one of the market giant in the mobile payment market who accepts card payments. Just for letting you know, Stripe is also a payment service which provides their services to lyft and demand economy startups like Postmates and Instacart. Uber is also integrated with the service of PayPal with a feature of scanning the credit card on iOS which initiates you to give credit card information simply by placing the payment card in front of your phone's camera. The application view the card, recognize the number and gives input about all the information on behalf of you. But in android, you have to insert the credit card information manually to link the Uber account. Moreover, PayPal has integrated with Uber that is customers can pay directly with their PayPal accounts. Even you can split the share with loved ones directly through cab booking app.

How much revenue Uber Make?

Well, it’s very much crucial to know about the revenue that Uber earns.

Uber in its initial years finds troubles to be profitable especially in USA. But, after years they start making profits. Uber enjoys 25% of commission on every ride.

But what it earns as a profit is as low as $0.19 on every ride. The other expenses grab all the revenue like interest, taxes and salary to employees.

The money earned mostly by Uber usually goes on credit card processing, marketing, software development and antifraud efforts. Even after this Uber's valuation estimated of $66 billion which undoubtedly seems to be hug money bag as a company?

What cost does it require to build an app like Uber?

Two apps are usually needed for Uber like app development that is an app for drivers and an app for riders. You need to make the payment for the following services for the development of app like Uber.

Backend development

Web development

Quality Assurance

Web development

IOS and Android native app development

Design and Interface

As per the estimates related to similar projects, it takes on an average 5000 hours to build an app for drivers and app for riders. It depends upon the service provider rates on an hourly basis, which vary from $20 per hour to $150 per hour.

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