Digital Marketing – Upcoming Tactics, Trends, and Strategies

Every year, new tactics, trends, and strategies influence digital marketing, with 2018 being no exception. While digital marketing in Toronto will become even more analytical and broader reaching this year, experts will pay the most attention to improved Artificial Intelligence capabilities, organic searches, and campaigns based on influencers.


The Rise and Fall of Social Media Sites


This year, different social media platforms will experience significant growth, while others will fall short of their predictions. Take Twitter as a prime example. For 2017, this social media site did not grow its user base as experts anticipated. Although extending the number of characters to 280 will likely help, company officials are still waiting to see the full impact of this change.


While Twitter stayed busy dealing with acquisitions opposed to making ad platform improvements, LinkedIn made several vital improvements to its advertising platform. In fact, with a refreshed user interface, both B2B and B2C have more opportunities. Instagram, with its new Stories tool, which has gained more loyalty than Snapchat, is another social media platform that marketers need to watch when developing digital marketing strategies.


Thanks to superior advertising controls, an increasing number of B2C brands now consider Instagram more engaging, thus the preferred source for digital marketing efforts. With more digital marketing training, experts will know which social media platforms to target and which ones to avoid.


Artificial Intelligence and Behavioral Marketing


Last year, marketers relied on collected and stored information when creating both customer profiles and strategies for behavior marketing. That allowed them to customize messages for specific prospects. However, for 2018, many critical marketing decisions will come from machines. That means that for building segments, customizing copy that targets personalities, and start/stop campaigns that go across many channels, data analysis will come from software.


When customers realize that marketing efforts target them based on behaviors, they become even more loyal. With incredible advances in 2018 for Artificial Intelligence and behavioral marketing, professional marketers can start engaging better with existing customers and prospects.


Greater Investment in Influencer Marketing


Relying heavier on influencer marketing is another anticipated trend this year. Although some industries will achieve greater success than others, digital marketing will invest more in influencer marketing in 2018. Overall, campaigns will contain user-generated content so that brands can get consumers more involved, becoming a part of the buyer experience and the story behind the brand.


As an example, as part of its Influencer Program, Amazon added self-service tools. With that, influencers can build a unique Amazon page complete with a dedicated vanity URL. On that page, Amazon can list all the different products recommended, which streamlines the sharing and shopping process.


Advanced Advertising Formats


New advertising formats are yet another change for this year’s digital marketing in Toronto. While ad-blocker software makes consumers happy, it creates significant challenges for marketers. In fact, experts predict that by 2020, roughly 100 million consumers in the United States alone will use an ad blocker. For display ad revenue, that equates to a loss of over $12 billion within the next two years.


To circumvent the problem, marketers will start using different platforms. For instance, savvy advertising platforms such as Facebook discovered a way of disabling ad-blocking on its site. With that, businesses can tell whether users saw their content. YouTube, which continues to grow in popularity with a new audience base, is also making incredible changes in 2018.


YouTube Kids costs nothing, reaches approximately 70 percent of kids between the ages of 6 and 12, and it supports ads. That, combined with the fact that this channel provides content preferences, parental controls, and time limits, many parents are choosing YouTube Kids over the high cost of cable television. Advertisers can use streaming ads to target this segment.


Professional Marketing Help


If you need help understanding, adopting, or implementing digital marketing trends this year, we offer professional internet marketing consultancy services. At MacRAE’s Marketing, we have years of experience and unparalleled expertise in providing all types of marketing solutions. Call or visit us online to learn more.

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