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Businesses, organizations, institutions and even individuals who want to let the world know about their services can do so through a website. This is an online location where you can post information about products or services that you have to offer to consumers around the world. To a business, a website is a very important asset. Not only does it showcase the product line, it offers visitors a method through which they can get in touch with the business. This can be through direct email or even an online chat service. It is not enough just to build a website for your business and launch it. As a matter of fact, this is only the first step. The process of online promotion through a website is not complete without Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.).

What is SEO?                               

SEO is a collection of techniques, methods and strategies that are used for the purpose of increasing the number of visitors that a website gets by promoting it and making it more popular on the Internet. The main objective of SEO is to make the website rank higher in the results of search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo among others. There are a number of techniques that are used in SEO. Some of them include:

  1. Keyword placement
  2. Social media promotion
  3. Link building

Keyword placement

This the SEO process of identifying the right words that can be used in your website. Keywords are the words that internet users enter into the search engines when they want to retrieve information. These can be individual words or key phrases. As you construct your website, its important to identify the specific keywords that are associated with its theme. For example, if your website is about Information Technology (IT) services, then the keywords can be computers, software or networking services.

After you identify the most ideal keywords for your website, then you can insert them into the website copy. In this way, when a consumer enters these keywords into the search engine, the engine's robots will scour the Internet and find your website quickly for viewing by the consumer. If your website has well-distributed and descriptive keywords, then it will appear quite high in the search engine ranking. As a result, it becomes more popular, receives higher viewership and has greater potential for converting visitors into customers.

Social media promotion

According to SEO Services USA a local digital company, social media sites are specially built websites where people congregate online for the purpose of sharing ideas, experiences and creating relationships. Examples of these sites are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Social media platforms attract literally millions of viewers every day. Therefore, they are prime locations for you to promote your website. This is done through the process of social media SEO.

The first step of this strategy is to create a page or account for your business in these social media platforms. In this pages, indicate the Universal Resource Locator (URL) of your website. After that, promote your business through this social media page as much as you can. This is achieved through posting information, new pictures and videos about your business in it. You can also share the name of your social media page in the online groups that could be interested in your business. Once you do this, the people on social media can click on your website URL and land in your site. In this way, they become visitors. If they like your product or service, they can turn into customers. Social media promotion is one of the most effective SEO strategies.

Link building

This is an SEO method where you create a network of links that lead to your website. In this process, you can place the URL of your website in other legitimate online locations. Examples of these are blogs, forums and even other websites. In some of these locations, you can place the URL for free. Examples of these are forums and online message boards. Since they are free to join, you can simply join and make posts that contain your link. Visitors to these locations can click on these links and land in your website. In this way, you gain more viewers and your site grows more popular.

While link building, there are some locations where you have to contact the owners to request that they post a link to your website. Such locations include blogs and official websites. For these webmasters to agree, you have to return the favor. This means that you should also post a link to their website in yours. After making this agreement, the other webmaster will post a link to your site in theirs and you can do the same. In this way, you contribute visitors to each other. Another way to get this done is to contribute a piece or some text for the other webmaster's blog or website. This contribution will motivate them to post your link in their pages to your benefit. Link building is a time consuming SEO strategy. However, if your create a high quality network, the overall value of your website increases and search engines post you higher in the results.


Search Engine Optimization is highly advised for every new website. It is an ongoing process that should be conducted throughout the life of your website. You can perform SEO on your own or contract professional specialists to perform the task for you. Regardless of the method you use, SEO is a necessary part of developing your website and attracting consumers from the Internet.


Selina Jenkins is an IT expert and SEO specialist. She has more than five years of experience performing SEO for clients through SEO Services USA a local digital company. She understands 

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