Do you have what it takes to be a Superstar project manager?

“Being a Project Manager is like being artist, you have the different colored process streams combining into a work of art.” – Greg Cimmarrusti, PM

The Project Manager is vested with significant responsibilities and expectations from the organizations as well as his/her team. It is not uncommon to see project managers working on multiple projects either out of pressure from the management or their own willingness to take up more responsibility. And when they perform, the company succeeds. Here are 10 remarkable traits to look out for in a superstar Project Manager:

  1. Communicator

As basic as it could get, effective communication is definitely one of the fundamental traits you see in a good Project Manager. A project’s success depends radically on effective communication which the project manager ensures.

He/she makes sure the team is in sync with each other as well as the organization’s goals to get more productive and align their deliverables accordingly. The what, when, and how to communicate is aptly taken care of the star Project Manager which results in outstanding project achievements.

  1. Problem-solver

The Project Manager is always bombarded with problem statements from the stakeholders, clients, and from within the team. An efficient PM will be a good problem-solver, who thinks rationally, radically and rapidly.

For this, he/she has to be technically and functionally knowledgeable about the project at hand and also confident to take a responsible decision.

The PM need not himself/herself come up with a solution every time. But can encourage the team members to come up with one and decide to consider it for the sake of the project’s success.

  1. Delegator

Even though owning a work is considered as a good trait, for a PM, being a delegator makes more sense. The PM should identify the right resources to delegate specific works to make sure that the project goes on even in his/her absence.

Every aspect of the project should be well-documented so that it can be delegated to a new resource in case an old one needs a replacement.

The PM should also be able to help the team members to cultivate their innate talents for the benefit of the organization.

  1. Well-Organized

When dealing with a diverse group of resources, stakeholders, and projects, the PM should be very well-organized. The PM will use the right technology aid for tracking the processes and resources to make sure that work is progressing as planned.

Managing the remote and in-house resources requires a good deal of organizational capabilities which the star PM will definitely showcase. The technology aid will only help to ease the process.

  1. Collaborate

Leading the team and collaborating are two essential traits every PM should possess. It should never by a one-man-show; rather the entire team should work together to the successful completion of the project. The PM should be able to pitch in whenever a lead or team seems to fail or feel low. Every member should be given due recognition, credits, and rewards for the project’s success.

  1. Role Model/Honorable

When the PM is a role model, the entire team and stakeholders can look up to him/her. This makes a huge impact on the entire team as they find it easier to accept the ideas put forward by the PM and also contribute expecting a constructive feedback.

The stakeholders find it easier to accept the terms put forward by the PM as they find it more idealistic and practical owing to his/her reputation and experience.

  1. Leader

The PM has to lead a team or, sometimes, multiple teams. A good leader can form a great team and manage it well to pilot a project to success.

The star PM will have a clear vision of the project and will be able to guide resources with varied experience and backgrounds to achieve their individual milestones that sync well with the project’s targets.

Project Manager is like the competent leader who pushes his/her resources to their maximum to bring out their best capabilities and help them showcase the same to increase their own productivity whereby the project and the organization benefits.

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