Does your small business really need SEO?

Not too long ago, search engine optimization (SEO) was a term associated with big businesses and people in the know, now you can hear in bandied about on every street corner and business meeting. Spending money on SEO is all good and fine for big businesses, but as a small business owner, should you even be bothered about SEO?

Many small businesses do not bother with SEO. There seem to be this general presumption that SEO should be left to the big boys who already have thousands of customers; that small businesses cannot compete so they have nothing to gain from SEO. On the contrary, small businesses actually do need SEO more than the big businesses.

Greg, SEO expert at one of the Search Engine Marketing Companies in Canada points out that: “Competing favorably in the industry is all about having a good product and getting noticed. If you have a good product already, you need SEO to get noticed. In fact, it is one of the least expensive ways to put your business in the face of people who need it.”

As long as you have a business - irrespective of size, and own website or have a presence on the internet, you need a well defined SEO strategy that would attract the attention of potential customers and pull them down to your website, and even your doorstep.

Here are 4 reasons why SEO is important for your small business.

Improves visibility –

Instead of spending more money on regular advertisement like billboards, fliers and even TV, a properly done SEO can help you get free traffic simply by ranking in search engines. A good number of website visitors come from organic traffic, so if you can create a top notch website and follow some basic SEO principles, you will get increased exposure via search engines.

Cost-effective –

No one can deny the effectiveness of traditional advertising, but also, no one can deny that it can be rather expensive. Most times, you are actually spending without getting good returns. SEO on the other hand has been proven to be highly effective and capable of bringing in impressive returns.

New market –

No matter how small your business is now, you obviously hope to see it grow. One way businesses grow is by exposure to new markets. What SEO does is to take you away from your local scene and place your business on an international platform. In other words, your business is made to have a wider reach.

Brand awareness –

SEO is a very great way to build brand awareness. In fact, if it were human, it would be the best brand ambassador. How people perceive your business is directly linked to how you are ranked on the internet. There are articles that show that people trust businesses that rank high on search engines more than businesses that don’t.

Can you now see why SEO is important for your small business?

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Comment by Takatomo Homma on July 31, 2018 at 9:29am

SEO is not as difficult as it seems if you learn how to do it correctly!


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