E-Commerce Trends That Will Shape The Future Of Online Retail In 2019

There is a completely new world thriving and bustling with alacrity right now while you are reading this. Before you finish reading this blog, at least one thousand people might have placed orders online in your country alone. Yes, we are talking about the world of e-commerce and online retail.

This is a fascinating world, both to the buyers and sellers. Since its beginning, e-commerce has seen the sky. Rarely there was a time when the growth of online retail might have plummeted. There are tons of opportunities for someone who has a vision to succeed.

Today, with the help from emerging technologies, e-commerce gained a boost and is moving with unprecedented speed into the future. This is one train you simply cannot afford to miss.

Why don’t we go ahead and look at some of the astounding trends that will stir the e-commerce industry in the coming year?

Artificial Intelligence

We simply cannot start any list today without mentioning AI, can we? Artificial Intelligence is everywhere. With intelligent algorithms available today, online retailers can focus on customer segmentation and identification online in order provide smart automation and store personalization.

Online stores today have become increasingly smart. With Shopify and Magento ecommerce development services available today, you can rest assured that your store is powered efficiently and backed by experts.

Mobile First, Mobile Uno, Mobile Primero

We live in a world ruled by smartphones. Mobile traffic surpassed the desktop long ago. According to a statistic, half of the people, 53.7%, who browse online or compare products online, end up buying there.

Online retailers have already shifted their focus on providing mobile-first experiences. In the coming years, we will see this increase with pages tailored for mobile, faster checkouts, and mobile-first payment options.

Better Shipping & Delivery

We have almost zero to minimal innovation or change in the area of shipping and logistics. The only good thing we remember is probably free shipping. But now, times are changing.

We have heard of companies like Amazon testing same-day delivery with automated drones. Forget next day delivery, with increasing demand, we will see companies involved in logistics and supply chain working on providing same day delivery to its customers.

Selling Through Social Media

We think online websites and applications will not be enough for the future retailers. And parallely, we feel social media in the future will not be satisfied with simply selling leads and traffic.

Hence, we will see a norm called social buying in the future. People interacting with their peers and buying the favourite items on the same platform. Even messaging services and providers like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat etc have also become a way for online retailers to target their customer; and this is soon going to increase multi-fold.


If these reasons aren’t compelling enough to open a successful e-commerce website, we don’t know what’s missing then. There couldn’t be a better time sell online. Starting your own e-commerce website today may seem easy, but maintaining and taking it towards the path to success is the real deal. But don’t worry, help is just around the corner. You can get in touch with any Magento development company today and start building your website.

And why is that so? Why Magento? If you ask us, Magento today is one of the most preferred platforms to build a long-lasting, comprehensive online retail store!

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