Effective Ways to Protect Your Small Business From Cyber Attacks

Cyber-attacks have become an unpleasant reality to practically every person and business. We have all heard of extremely worrying revelations about hackers infiltrating the IT systems of large companies such as Yahoo, Google, Citigroup, Sony and many others. Not to mention, there are reports of an increasing proliferation of hacking incidents affecting small businesses. As a result, small businesses must be fully prepared to protect themselves against hackers. This post will give you helpful insights on how you can protect your small business against hacking.


Establish a Password Policy

Many hackers gain access to business networks simply because the employees use passwords that are too simple to crack. You must develop an effective password strategy for your employees to save yourself from hackers. Encourage them to mix up their passwords using variations of capital letters, numbers, spelling and punctuation. Alternatively, they can use sentences of their choice and turn them into a password. The sentences can include anything memorable or personal to them. Since most password boxes limit the number of characters, they can create an abbreviation from these sentences and use it as a password.


Purchase Cyber Security Insurance

Insurance is not just for your car, health and property. You can also purchase an insurance policy to protect your business against fire, damage and cyber-attacks. Cyber security insurance will protect your business against being held liable for damages caused by system security breaches. If a cyber-attack occurs, and your business is held responsible, you may end up paying a lot of money in a lawsuit. Such unfortunate events can slow down your business. cyber liability insurance will also cover your legal costs.


Create an IT Security Policy

You need to create a strong security policy to prevent external attacks and maintain the integrity of your business’ IT infrastructure. But before you come up with a security policy, identify your risks and learn from other businesses that have experienced security incidents before. Your security policy should clearly elaborate network access procedures and recommend actions in case there is a violation. Such actions may include use of managed detection and response (MDR) systems to capture visibility across the entire network and expose hidden threats. Above all, make sure everyone in the business understands and obeys all the policies you have created.


Install Virtual Data Rooms

Virtual data rooms (VDRs) are internet-based repositories used to store, manage and distribute documents. VDRs are essential for the security of your IT infrastructure since they allow your employees to share sensitive and important information from anywhere in the world safely. They are like extranets with limited controlled access and secure log-on features that ensure confidentiality of information and provide restrictions to unauthorized parties. This makes it very hard for hackers to gain access to any crucial data, such as financial information, intellectual property information, tax paperwork and legal documentation.


Hire a Cybersecurity Expert

Though it costs a lot of money to hire an IT security expert, doing so is worth it. Hackers have become smarter nowadays, continually devising new and effective ways to override IT security features. It is very difficult to fully secure your systems without the help of someone who knows the latest tricks hackers use. A cybersecurity expert will provide an additional layer of security to your network and take care of all threats it might be facing. When hiring an expert, look for someone who has handled projects similar to yours. It is only then that you can be rest assured that your system is in good hands.


Parting Shot

Never take chances with your business, regardless how small it is. Over 43 percent of cyber-attacks nowadays target small business, so you are not an exemption. Most of these attacks are due to malicious intentions, human error or system failures. Use the tips discussed above to protect your business from cyber-attacks.

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