Eight Ways to Profit from Mobile Marketing

Retailers are always looking for ways to beat their competition. They are up on the latest trends. They know, for example, that marketing to people’s phones and tablets is important if they want to survive and get additional revenues. Statistics show that more and more people are using smart phones and tablets in the stores looking for specials or product descriptions. If you want to know other ways to improve your retail business through mobile marketing, here are some ideas you can try.

  1. Know your market. This might sound obvious, but unless you know who your target market is, marketing on phones and tablets will fall flat. For example, if you primarily sell to Baby Boomers or Generation X, marketing to smart phones and tablets will not work. These generations do not use phones for this purpose. Many of them don’t even shop online, depending on their age of the Baby Boomer. Millenials are the key target market that are using phones for shopping.

  2. Create a reason. When you have determine which of your customers are using smart phones to buy things, you need to create a reason why they want to buy from you versus your competition. You need to provide customers an incentive to come to your site or to use their phone on your application. Create content that links to your smart phone application.

  3. Use special promotions. Getting people interested in your site over others can be accomplished by using special promotions. You tell people to click on the special promotion, which is available only on smart phones or tablets, and they get to the product your are trying to sell. This marketing technique is effective in getting you more profits.

  4. Tease your market. Ask your market to opt into text alerts from your company. You can tease your customers with text promotions. These are alerts that come right into their phones. That will entice them to come to your company and find the products you sell. Therefore, you get more profits.

  5. Keep it short. To market effectively using mobile options, you have to be short in your content. Phones and tablets are small screens, and people have short attention spans. Therefore, the shorter the message, the better for your profitability.

  6. Use pictures. Often, getting your message to people on phones and tablets is best done through pictures. Send pictures of products to your customers. These will be a good advertisement for what you have to offer. Restaurants benefit from pictures more than other companies. Other industries can reap rewards too.

  7. Keep it fresh. Don’t fall into the trap that you can send the same message over and over. People don’t like getting the same message all the time. Change your ads regularly to keep the content fresh. This will keep people looking at your company application. They will want to take advantage of what you offer when you remember to be different regularly.

  8. Give out location. People use their phones and tablets for maps and directions more than other options. To get people to show up at your door, you have to make sure that they can find you from a map. Give out your location so it shows up in a map on a phone. Be consistent with the address and phone number. Your name, address and phone number should be the same regardless of how they access your information.

If you take these steps to improve your mobile marketing, you are sure to profit from the changes you make. You will entice new business, and you will keep customers loyal to you. The goal is to find the new people and to keep the original customers happy.


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Comment by Andrew Grant on December 19, 2016 at 9:33am

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