Email Marketing For Brands: Tips to Improve Email Campaigns

If there’s one thing that’s bound to stay in the world of marketing, it’s email campaigns. Yes, email still stays alive, with millions of people using it daily not just for work and personal communication, but to also keep in touch with business they bought from or are interested in. Because of this, an email will forever be one of the main strategies marketers use to inform their target audiences, selling products and gaining conversions.  

However, email marketing campaigns aren’t just about sending out walls of text to random emails! There are a variety of elements to look into when creating that successful email marketing campaign. How can you improve your current one?  

Read on as I show you ten tips to improve email campaign for your brand!  

How to Improve Email Campaigns For Your Brand

In the midst of many different email campaign strategies, you need to know which ones work like Designmodo HTML email templates and which don’t. Whether you’re building your brand or already an established one, follow these excellent tips:  

  1. Improve Email Deliverability

It’s time to start improving the way you deliver your emails, start by following these tips:

Ask all your subscribers to whitelist, since undelivered emails equate to lost opportunities. Furthermore, it can also end up with you being red-flagged, lessening the chances of your mails getting into your subscribers’ inboxes. So, encourage subscribers to whitelist your email address, so ISP flags the emails you send as credible, improving your brand’s sender reputation. 

Also, make sure that you clean up your email lists every now and then. That way, you waste less time and effort when sending emails. This can reduce SPAM complaints and have you save costs on campaigns.  

  1. Tell Stories

Storytelling isn’t just for the blogs you post, but for the emails, you write and send as well! In fact, it’s probably one of the oldest ways to get direct response sales. In my experience, if you’re unable to tell good stories, you won’t be able to sell your products and services. 

Let your recipients feel gratitude and positive emotions towards the main use of the product. This has them more inclined to make purchases, as it provokes their feelings and encourages them to get your product without having to pitch or hard sell it. 

  1. Use the RIGHT Calls to Action

Storytelling is extremely important, just as important as an excellent call to action. And remember, CTAs don’t mean you need to take people to the purchase page. It can simply introduce them to sales funnels when clicking to resources or blogs.  

You can do this by placing a soft CTA on your email footer. This provides your subscriber’s educational benefits than just another sales pitch they’re so used to already. It will give them different ways to make purchases indirectly, just don’t forget the main goal!  

  1. Have Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are a necessity because this is similar to the first impression of your brand towards the subscriber. Immediately after the user signs up, the welcome email needs to be sent right away, while your brand is still fresh in mind.  

The email should be personalized with the recipient’s name, avoiding no-reply emails for easier contact. Besides this, the email should inform recipients of what to expect with future messages, describing the content, how often you’ll email, and how they can contact you. 

  1. Send In RELEVANT Content

If you noticed in your own Gmail, you can find tabs that have promotional email tabs. While convenient for the reader, it’s easier to ignore, making it worse for you, the brand.  

When Google filters such emails, they look into the content, from the number of images and links used, the spammy words included, among other factors. Avoid adding irrelevant images and words that just make the entire email look promotional than something personalized for readers to enjoy.  

It’s also great to build emails in a way that provokes responses, which shows Gmail that people want to read your emails more.  

  1. Use Segmented Lists

To ensure you send only RELEVANT content, then you need to segment your lists. When users have signed up or purchased something from you, you can ask about their interests, the content they’d like to receive, then segregate your subscriber lists from there.  

While it does seem like a tedious process, doing so can work wonders! Did you know that it can give you a whopping 760% increase in revenue

  1. Measure Your Results

Of course, you should always test, monitor, and measure the results you reap once you’ve done your email campaign. Don’t just focus on the open and click rates, but also look into other aspects, such as the open and click reach.  

Check how many people opened and clicked your emails, then segment it by how many active and inactive subscribers there are, tailoring and improving your campaign based on the data you received. Also, measure it through the click-to-open rate to see how effective your CTA is. 

  1. How Many Times Should You Email?

Last but not least, figure out how many times you should email throughout the day, week, or month. Engaged subscribers want consistent emails, though you should never overwhelm them! Avoid emailing too frequently and gauge the way your subscribers respond to your emails. 

Wrapping It Up

Emails will remain the lifeline for all brands, especially with the growing competition. However, email marketing campaigns can only be successful when done right, so you need proper knowledge and the right tools. From using tools like drag and drop email builder down to knowing who your audience is, you can definitely reach success and get your brand out there to the RIGHT people. 

I hope this article on different email marketing campaign tips helped you out. So don’t wait any longer and look into any of these tips now!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on email marketing campaigns, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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