There is a lot of talk in digital marketing circles right now about nostalgia. Huge brands are building websites that look a lot like the sites we saw in the 90’s, Reebok is using an intentionally-bad skateboarding video to sell shoes and social media is more focused than ever on conversation instead of conversion.

One digital channel that seems to be lying dormant in this marketing renaissance is the direct email. A victim of its own success in many ways, email was so popular that it was abused and downgraded to the spam folder.

But this doesn’t have to be the case for your brand’s message – provided you know how to make the most of this powerful marketing tool.

It Starts with a Subject

From agencies to marketers, people have spent too long obsessing about the visuals and content of the messaging instead of focusing on the first thing the recipient sees – the subject line. It seems unimportant but the few words you use to tease what the email is (or isn’t) all about can make all the difference.

Subject lines need to be written to make your audience stop scrolling or open the notification because their curiosity gets the best of them. Be funny, shock them, do whatever you have to do – just make sure that people open the message.

Email is Ripe for Reinvention

Getting the recipient to open your email is half the battle won, but now you have to make your product, service, or special seem absolutely irresistible. There are a number of approaches to the task – great visuals, beautiful copy, and video are among them. But these can take ages to load and might not interest your audience in the least. 

There are massive opportunities for innovative, creative email executions that show a clear understanding of the audience. Design something quirky – for mobile. An email can be coded to sync to a computer, animate, or do any number of things. Treat it like a mini website and code it to stand out.

Don’t Follow the Crowd

One of the main reasons why email has been discarded as a digital marketing channel is that everyone flocked to it. The result is an overwhelmed customer who perceives everything as spam. Follow the crowd and your emails will most certainly fail. Whether it’s reducing frequency, a clever innovation, or a personal mail every time, you need to be different in order to stand out and succeed.

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Comment by Silviya Dineva on August 11, 2016 at 7:38am

Thank you for that topic. 


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