Enterprise Mobility: Know about benefits, challenges and transformation

The need to be present every time at the device of your employee gave rise to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept. Taking Care of data breaches and managing the disgruntled employees often become too tough for businesses.

The concept of app stores with iPhone and Android made the task easier with a dedicated app on employee's device. Approximately 43 percent increase has been seen in the employee's tendency to stay out of the office, which further demanded the need for Enterprise Mobility, So are the results.

What is Enterprise Mobility?

Today when technology is constantly pushing towards portability, Enterprise Mobility enables better collaboration making sure that processes are carried out in a defined manner through the mobile workplaces, with the help of smartphones. This virtual interface ensures the 24x7 availability online and offline, and better control over the functions. On the other side, employees also stay happy with the flexibility to work from anywhere and whenever they wish. 

Business Components of Enterprise Mobility

Every technology needs some drivers to steer it up to a wanted level. Enterprise Mobility by custom software development company works well over some powerful components.

  • With the expected increase of 18 percent in enterprise mobile market, The Mobile solution custom software development companies are providing must be compatible with the multiple devices as the employee is free to use any of the devices he wishes. The versatility to work with multiple OS ensures robust enterprise mobility management.
  • Speed and response time are two of the most important things when multiple application is retrieving and storing the data concurrently. The concept of enterprise mobility management is only fruitful if the speed is higher and response time is as low as possible.

  • Enterprise Mobility developed by any web development company is based on cloud computing. Cloud Computing enables the visual interfaces and ensures the secure and prompt communication between nodes.

  • Enterprise Mobility allows the employees to bring their own devices, which in turn demand it to be flexible enough. The virtual interface needs to be less complex whereas the network configuration is less coded for employees to handle.


Benefits of Enterprise Mobility Solutions

  • Enterprise Mobility reveals a set of benefits along with better productivity and better streamlining of the processes and function. The elegant features of Mobility facilitate the business with speedy communication with employees, more satisfied consumers, less investment over infrastructure and workforce and lot more.


  • Once you turn Mobility drivers on for the goals, you are no longer bound to the physical location of your business. Your database stays concurrently updated with every single deal you break. Enterprise Mobility has also collaborated in reaping the pool of talent from all across the globe, which enhanced the opportunities and meet deadlines through more productivity in the same amount of time.


  • Post-sales communication is the most leveraged part of business through introduction of mobility especially in the web development company. The ultimate goal of every business is to satisfy the consumer. The ease of communication not only offers the best service but also post-sale communication. With mobility, you stay connected with your customer and available throughout the day to get feedback and provide instant support.


  • Cost Reduction: Setting up the workplace demands the investment over infrastructure and maintenance. Static workplaces are now getting dimmer with the time due to the adaption of mobility by enterprises. With the mobility deployed on workplaces, the incurred costs are trimmed down to a great extent.


  • Increased production: The core reason behind the integration of mobility in different industries is increased production. Many of the factors including dedicated hours of employees, operational cost over the business, and investment over other components influence production. With mobility, the best talent around the world stays available and you put minimum to little investment over the infrastructure, resulting in more profit and more business.

Common pitfalls and transformation

  • Security comes first and it is where the enterprise mobility management (EMM) strategy works. Guaranteeing security while working online requires proper management. Enterprise mobility solutions Strategy needs to keep all business information secure.


  • Many enterprises solutions adopt mobility but still, users stay reluctant to play with the mobility tools completely. The reason behind is hesitation with using complex tools or sometimes the compatibility issue with hardware, and problems in the transition to newer strategies. These must be solved with the adoption of EM solutions.


  • Efficiency is the key that pushes a system to stay longer in any industries. Users communicate through the virtual interface, which makes them prone to the speed and response time issues.


Like every technology, Enterprise mobility has its own challenges, but when adapted with the proper strategy it can prove to be a huge turn for your business. In fact, Enterprise Mobility solutions are a lot more than taking care of your employee's productivity. Organizations of multiple industries are using  Enterprise Mobility solutions to take care of different processes and reaching out to the consumers in a prompt manner. Companies are using mobile solutions to address different business objectives and empower staff to know more and do more in a more strategic way. It is the future of the industry, if incorporated with small tweaks.

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