Explore The World of Android Apps Through a Different Lens

Are you fond of Android apps? You do not need to go to any electronics store to buy a device. You can have that experience in your PC too by running different Android applications on your Windows through the aid of emulators. Here are some of the best emulators that we have picked out for you:


Obviously you cannot expect an app emulator to replicate an Android experience; however, you can expect it to emulate it. BlueStacks is one of the best app players that can provide you a glimpse of an Android app experience in the most effective manner. This app player can easily run through your PC, in both full-screen as well as in windowed mode. All you have to do is to install Bluestacks, and look for an Android app. You will be surprised to know how fast it will enable that particular Android app to work on your PC.

In case, you have a Windows 8 touch PC, you can always look for interesting Android apps and let BlueStacks play them for you on your PC. Trust us; it will be a lifetime experience for you. However, there is one thing that you will have to understand before running apps on your PC: all apps work differently. Some apps use a swipe action whereas others do not. Before interacting with any app, make sure that you know how it works.


YouWave falls into the category of best Android app emulators. The most interesting feature of this emulator is that it offers you a free ten-day trial which provides you a full-fledged feel of Android apps. It is different from BlueStacks in a way that it gives a complete experience of an Android app by letting you interact with a app menu, home screen, and so much more. However, this program has its own limitations. It does not run properly, if you have VirtualBox installed on your PC, so if you want it to run effectively, uninstall Virtual Box in the first place.

YouWave does not allow you to run as many apps as you want, so if you want to get more feel of an Android app, you will have to install Google Play inside it. It will let you select as many apps as you want.

Android Official Emulator

Though this emulator is specifically targeted at android app developers but it has its own charisma. It ignites your imagination and brings you into the world of Android apps without charging you an exorbitant amount of money, in fact, free of cost. The best quality of this app is that it lets you try out the latest version of Android. All you have to do is to install Java and download SDK tools from Google. Once you are done with the installing part, make sure that you have launched the SDK Manager and have installed all the important files from the modern version of Android.

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