Exploring New Website Possibilities with Odoo themes

When you search “Odoo Latest Version” on the Google, one of the top results you will see says, “Odoo Nightly Builds”. Going further by clicking, you will see a page with the same title. Here, what it says in the very first line is; “Every night, a new set of packages is generated for the branches listed below.” “Branches listed below” refers to the different versions of the Odoo. So, the message it conveys is, Odoo builds its system bigger every night. And when it is getting bigger at such a pace, it attracts more chunks of new customers every day.

Odoo has become the latest trend among the ecommerce businesses. Its high-end workability and competency makes it a perfect match for your enterprise. The conjoined features of ERP and CMS function as an ultimate solution for businesses. This is the point where customers are saying goodbye to their existing web platform and choosing Odoo. So, if you in that newly ‘tuning-in league’, it becomes important to make a dynamic website. This is where themes come into the picture to enrich your digital assets.

Why Odoo Theme Is Important for Your Web Surface Impression?

Have you ever wondered, why your customers should explore your website? Just because they landed on your website, doesn’t mean they should tour the whole website or visit the pages that you want them to visit. Making your user interested in your offerings is a tough affair. But Odoo themes make it easy for you.

Themes add style along with looks to your website while making its usability easy and cohesive. When your website surface looks attractive, it interacts with users. And when your website interacts loquaciously with users, it capitalizes the interest and increases conversions. Odoo understands the significance of themes. Thus, it offers countless themes for your website.

Which Theme Is Right for You?

So, as themes are important for your website, choosing the right theme is more important. There are numerous factors that you have to keep in mind before opting any theme. A theme expresses your website idea therefore, you must ensure that it reflects your business idea. Make it as relevant to your offerings as you can. Obviously, you cannot offer vegetables in a fish market. Thus, the surface impression of your site must create an environment that should match your offerings.

For example, if you are operating a fashion store and looking forward to take it to the online world, you must use Odoo Ecommerce Themes for fashion. Likewise, you will find umpteen Odoo themes that are explicit for your business requirements. Some of the major factors you should focus upon before selecting a theme for your ecommerce store are:

1. Enlist Features that You Need

When you deal with your customers, you know what they want and like. You also know what irritates them about your product range. Keep that in mind while you choose the theme. Focus on your requirement along with your customer needs and enlist what feature you need. Also, include features that you might need in future.

The best thing about Odoo is its utility as an “All in one solution”. Use a theme keeping its extended ERP and CRM features in mind. It will help you to work on a synchronized platform that creates equal process environment on backend and frontend.

2. Choose an Odoo Responsive Theme

Mobile is the device for generation X, so make sure you be up to that. Choose a theme that can fit your Odoo website on smartphones of your users. Select a mobile compatible theme that offers engaging UX and UI. Better UI and UX helps you to interact with your users through notifications and alerts, as it does not irritate them. If you like a theme, which is not responsive, still you can customize it and run it on the phones.

3. Colors are Good but Keep Them Sober

Now, let’s talk about colors! It is the first thing that activates the senses in your customers’ mind. I am sure that you would never want to irritate them. Color combinations and vibrancy are the base of any website. So, use them in a decent manner. Visual appearance and colors increase your brand recognition. Add colors that are matching your brand logo as it can work as a great idea to match your business imagination with your business website.

4. Buy Odoo Premium Themes

Well, there is a reason why premium themes are paid and sometimes, expensive too. Premium themes are built by dedicated Odoo developers and comprise high-end dynamic features. These dynamic features extend the usability of your Odoo web solutions. That is why these premium themes are expensive. But what goes around, comes back around! A premium Odoo theme creates a premium quality user experience as well as ease. This generates high return on investment for you.

5. Do check the Theme Thoroughly

The importance of your Odoo theme would only be justified when you will check the theme thoroughly. Run multiple checks and testing to ensure the compatibility of your theme with your Odoo website. Before you choose any theme, request a demo and track out all its features. Checking feasibility of your website is a necessity before you finalize any theme.

Even when you are done with the checking and upload the theme, do review your whole content across all the pages. It will help you to tweak the theme and its attributes before you make the changes live.

So, these were a few crucial points that can help you to explore new possibilities of your Odoo website with. As Odoo theme is important and it matters a lot to make your website work efficiently.

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