Faking It: How Fake Security Cameras Can Cost You

The installation of security cameras on your property is one of the primary steps you can take to bolster security and to keep criminal activity at bay. Criminals typically do not want to get caught, and they will actively avoid areas where the likelihood of getting caught is increased. Security cameras are easily visible, and they essentially tell criminals that their actions are being recorded. Video footage can be used to identify and prosecute them. Because of this, cameras are great at keeping criminal activity at bay. As wonderful at security cameras are at deterring crime, they can be expensive to install and maintain. This drives some homeowners to install fake security cameras on their property in a cost-saving effort. However, if you choose to use fake security cameras on your property, you should be aware of how these cameras can actually cost you money in the long run.

Fake Cameras Are Easy to Detect

Fake security cameras are much cheaper than real cameras. Those who take a close look at them may be able to easily tell that they are not real, and most criminals will closely examine cameras. Therefore, while your fake cameras may fool some criminals, they may not fool all criminals. This means that criminal activity may still be likely on your property despite your effort to determine crime with the installation of fake cameras.

Individuals May Act Under the Assumption That Cameras Make Them Safer

While criminals may study your security cameras to determine if they are fake or not, the reality is that most common individuals will not make this effort. Instead, they may simply glance up and notice the cameras. They may get a feeling of enhanced security and safety by seeing the cameras in place, and they may decide to act differently as a result of the perceived added security. For example, they may walk alone in an apartment community at night because of the cameras, and this increases their risk of being a victim to a crime. If the fake cameras were not in place, these individuals may have decided to take extra safety precautions.

Fake Cameras Do Not Record Video Footage

As you can see, criminals may not be as deterred by a fake security camera as you might think, but the level of safety and security that everyday citizens feel as a result of their placement on your property may be escalated. This can create an even more dangerous situation for potential victims of crimes on your property. The unfortunate truth is that fake cameras do not record video footage, so crimes may still happen on your property. However, there will be no evidence to help locate or convict a criminal.

The Importance of Installing Real Security Cameras

As a property owner, it is important that you understand the liability risk that you could face if you install fake home security cameras. Your action is directly affecting others’ actions and putting them at an increased risk of being a victim. The last thing you want is to face a liability issue as a result of your poor security decision. It is best to install real security cameras on your property. These will deter crime and will not place you at greater risk of a liability issue.

It is understandable that you would want to save money on your home security efforts. However, installing fake security cameras is often far less effective than you might think, and this effort can backfire on you at tremendous expense. Take time to explore affordable home security options today to better protect yourself and your property.

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