Fire Damage Restoration: Four Crucial Steps Followed by Professionals

You might have come across the word “fire damage restoration”. It is a process through which professionals reverse the damage caused by fire in your home so that you can get back to your normal ways of living. The companies that offer fire damage restoration services also provide several other services including water damage restoration, carpet cleaning, duct cleaning, mold removal etc.

Through this blog, we will acquaint you with the standard fire damage restoration process followed by professionals so that you are not clueless as to what to do in case of fire. Take a look at the steps given below.

1. Get in touch

After the fire has been taken care of by the fire department, the first thing to do is to get in touch with the nearest restoration company. This is usually done to prevent damage from spreading further through your property. While trying to find the right company, make sure that are open 24/7, easy to approach and come of help at the earliest.

Fire damage can also come with other ramifications. For example, if the fire has burnt holes in your roof and ceilings, water might seep in from these places causing more damage. Now if you leave your property in this situation for a long time, the damage is likely to increase. So it is better not to wait and get in touch with one of these companies at the earliest.

2. Property Assessment

Next, in the process is fire damage assessment. As a part of it, the professionals will assess the extent of damage caused to your property. They will try to find out the how far the smoke and soot have travelled and the intensity of damage they have caused to your furniture and other areas of your home. By doing so, they will be able to come up with a plan of action as to how to restore your house back to what it was. The professionals will also provide you with a quote and give you with an estimated timeline during which the restoration process will be undertaken.

3. Tarp and sealing process

The first motive of any fire damage restoration company is to stop the damage getting worse. So if there is water leakage due to the burned hole in your roof, the damage restoration will take care of that first. Also, fire damage restoration goes hand in hand with water damage restoration. For eg, if the fire has bursted your water pipes, the source of water has to be curbed first so that water doesn’t enter in different areas of your house.

4. Clean up and repair

After the sealing process has been taken care of, clean and repair begins. As a part of it, smoke, soot and dust are cleaned up from different corners of your house and unnecessary items are disposed off. Water puddles are cleared with the help of submersible pumps so that the areas can be dried and sanitized.

In the next stage, restoration and repair begins. If your furniture has been destroyed, the professionals will repair the damaged cabinets or replace them with new ones. New carpets are installed, walls are repainted and frames and wallpapers are put back to their places. Restoration companies walk a mile further by not just offering you with restoration but also renovation. A renovated house and new design will make your house look new and is sure to cheer you up.

If your property has been ruined due to fire, getting in touch with a fire restoration company is the best step you can take! 

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