Five Tips to Help You Become a Better Salesperson

  1. Show up and show up on time

It should really go without saying, but too many sales are lost because of lack of self-discipline. Make sure you follow through and double check that your head is well and truly screwed on! People aren’t going to want to buy a product or service for someone who can’t even stick to an agreed time frame to meet/call. By doing this you are giving your product and your company a bad name.

  1. Sell to people who want to buy

Talk to people who want to hear what you have to say instead of wasting your time trying to convince people who won’t give you the time of day. If you spend time connecting with people who are interested in what you have to offer, you are obviously more likely to make a sale through sales enablement such as this. If you can do this alongside creating well placed, high-quality content that will entice possible prospects to come to you, you will find that your sales figures will increase dramatically.

  1. Learn from your successes and your mistakes

Just because your training is over doesn’t mean that you stop learning. Sales is an ever-evolving sector to work in which means that you will never ‘know it all’.  To think about it on a basic level, salespeople study behaviour, they are trying to alter a person’s behaviour to make them want a product or service, or even understand why someone doesn’t want what they are offering. Each customer should be an opportunity to learn, and as no two people are the same, every customer is a different lesson.

  1. Don’t act desperate

There is nothing that will turn a customer off of your product faster than if they catch a whiff of desperation from the person trying to sell it to them. Remember that the product you are selling them will make their lives better, you have to let that be reflected in your pitch.

  1. Become their friend

At the most basic level, any salespersons goal (apart from making a sale) is to try and be liked by their customers. By building rapport with a client, you start selling yourself as well as your product or service. This is important because not many people will want to buy something from someone they don’t like. Some salespeople try to open a ‘Window of Contact’ which means that a salesperson will comment on a physical aspect of the customer, like a piece of clothing or jewellery, and will then comment on that item with a question, leading on to them sharing something about themselves based on what the customer replies. This is just one way you can build a friendly rapport with a customer. Although you must remember that there is no formula to sales, each person you make contact with will have a different response to each of your techniques and it is down to your skills and expertise to decipher which approach is most likely to make the customer trust you the must and eventually lead to a sale.  

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