Follow these tips and tricks to design a reading app for kids that gains a massive success

In recent times, any mobile application ought to have easy to use UI and UX. You don't generally need to re-evaluate the wheel. Look at the highlights that any popular reading application has:

  • There should be a store inbuilt within the app alongside the client libraries. There should be a wide range of differing books to browse.

  • It must support the best digital book groups (EPUB, PDF, LIT, AZW, ODF, MOBI).

  • It should have a facility to support different formats with text style and text size change. This is needed to make reading progressively helpful on any screen and address clients' issues.

  • There should be a different color, shades, and foundations. This will help little clients in customizing the app as and when necessary.

  • These apps must contain a distributed storage for books. Also, there should be an option to download them on request.  This method will help in saving a lot of storage in your device.

  • Look for every content, book, and class to let the clients find all that they require.

  • The app should contain bookmarks, content featuring, and notes features. It will help your clients to mark out the parts that interest them most.  They can also recollect where they quit last.

  • There must be an assistance department to ensure that your clients can get help for any issues.

  • Integrating Social Network for simple enlistment and sharing notes or statements from books.


Consider the age of the kids for whom you're making the application:

For youngsters' apps, you should concentrate on the age range for a maximum of two years. Make sure that the interactive levels and user-friendliness matches with the age group. It will enable you to distinguish your specialty accurately and adequately focus on your item.

What to think about while making a reading application for youngsters?

It is imperative that mobile application development company consider these key aspects:

UX/UI structure:

We know that design is a fundamental part of any application. With regards to kid’s applications, designs become even more imperative. A decent mobile UX is an absolute necessity for a kids' application. It's increasingly troublesome for youngsters to associate with the world with so complexity. Everything in your application must be clear and be of high convenience.

Here are a few tips to make an exciting application especially for children.

To start the app development procedure for your youngsters' appropriately, you must remember various eccentricities.

The observation of the youngsters' conduct:

To develop an application that will attract the little clients, set aside your PCs and tablets first. Take a notepad and a pencil, and play with children. You have to pick the age class you'll make an application for and after that discover a few things like:

  • How children of this age assemble and connect with the world and interact with one another;
  • What pulls in their consideration and what occupies them most.
  • What surprise them and what makes them upset.


In this consent, a few app development companies have their own point of view. They do not prefer utilizing swiping and zooming in applications for little children. Specifically, in between the age group of 3-4 years. Instead, they recommend using tapping buttons and direct communications.

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What additional highlights would it be a good idea for me to include?

Fundamental highlights are just a beginning stage for fulfilling a client’s needs. You can flavor things up with some additional highlights and can make your application emerge more.


An investigation by Deloitte demonstrates that a fair level of clients requests for customized communication. They also prefer customized administrations. 36% of buyers in the US are searching for personalized items.

An app developer should give clients a chance to pick the contents and themes as per their choice. It is better if they can get them offering a lot of welcome screens including two or three inquiries can assist the user with screening books they don't like. You may propose some perusing designs that they can later be adjusted depending on the technology. Hence, clients will have something to accomplish and can monitor their development. Barnes and Noble made this one stride further, making Browsery. It is a dedicated application for enthusiastic users that gives customized content.

Night mode:

You can make night mode a fundamental element if you like the dark theme. The thought is quite essential. Offer clients' eyes a reprieve from solid light by changing the UI to darker hues and gain more attention when they are in night mode. Experiment with the Wattpad application for a case of this element. Every mobile application development company prefers to implement this feature.

The website version of the application:

Give your customers a chance for reading on the phone like any other devices with any OS. For that, you'll require a web variant of your application, as Kindle Cloud. The incredible fact is that you'll have the capacity to scale your application. When you make a web variant, it implies you to add increasingly cool highlights. It also allows you to bring more clients in the future.

On-request interpretation:

Do you want to give your clients access to writing in various dialects? Offering on-request interpretation is a smart thought. For example, you may provide clients with a chance to tap on a word they don't know and see a presentation by Google Decipher or Amazon Interpret. You can look at the KyBook for this feature. Here you can perceive how this component functions in an application interface.

Upload and share the books:

This is a fact that most of us preferred to be online. However, some individuals lean toward reading books offline too. It secures information, mainly when the digital book record is enormous. It is also good since digital books can take a lot of loading time. You can even do something more than just offering offline access only. Allow clients to download books and upload their digital magazine to the application. You should have the capacity to draw in nearby libraries. You can also encourage and independent writers to give more books. OverDrive is one application tool which you can use to implement this feature.

 Message pop-ups:

Are you anticipating another book? At that point you most likely wouldn't care to miss the day it turns out. The equivalent goes for your clients. You can remind them about new digital books, rebates, surprising offers, and proposals. The Amazon Ignite application does that, and it works entirely well. A message pop-up is a feature that every on demand app development companies recommend while developing the app.

Social sharing:

Inspire clients to connect inside your application interface only. Develop a rating framework with remarks and likes. Hence, each and every person can take in more about books and pick ones they'll appreciate. Good reads is a case of an ideal network for readers. Here, clients can include audits, recommend books to read and track each other's advancement as well.

Book recordings:

A few people are fanatics of tuning in to book records as opposed to perusing. They can listen to their favorite books without using hands and walk or run while reading books.


Children's in today's generation are quite fast and mobile apps are all over the place today. Hence, an innovative reading app can be quite useful for them during their growing period if you are looking to build such an app, do the necessary research before launching. Remember, offering something that is of no use can lead to your downfall very quickly.

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