Foolproof Reasons Why Custom CMS is Better than WordPress

If you are creating a website from scratch or you want to redesign your current website, a CMS or a content management system is crucial in order for you to have a proper maintenance and monitoring of your digital assets and content. There are a lot of CMS systems out there that a web development company can suggest. They are used based on the specific needs of a client or a business. So, what should your criteria consist of when choosing a CMS for your website?

Here are a few reasons why a custom CMS may be the way to go if the needs of your businesses are quite unique and complex. WordPress is good but there might be something else out there that is best suited for your needs.

A Wide Range of Customization Features

One of the major reasons why a custom CMS is preferable over a pre-made CMS like WordPress is that it offers a very wide range of customization features. Sure, you can add different plugins in WordPress and other CMS but these plugins are still limited. You will need the CMS to enable you to build your website according to your specific preferences.

Client Input

When you use WordPress or other CMS platforms, you simply house it on your website and make some modifications and then you are ready to go live. It sounds so easy, right? But, what if your clients have really specific instructions that are almost impossible to be implemented with these ready-made CMS platforms?

In this case, a custom CMS is much more preferable. When a client has a specific preference, implementing it would be very possible because there are literally no limitations. This means that your client can be really involved in the whole process of creating the website.

Website Speed

You might not be aware of the simple truth that WordPress and other CMS platforms work with literally millions of other websites in the entire world. This results in slowing down the loading speed of your website. And, a slow website speed is notorious for negatively affecting both the experience of the user and the SEO strategies you implement.


Most CMS sites, including WordPress, are open source. This means that everyone who uses it will have access to the source code. That is good news if we are looking at the affordability side of things. But, that is bad news in terms of safety and security. Today, there are numerous attacks and hacks of the codes of WordPress and you do not want your website to become part of the casualties.

Obviously, custom CMS is much more protected since it is customized for your own use. Only you and your team have access to it — therefore protecting you from unnecessary vulnerabilities.


WordPress has become so commercialized that their customer support has become basic. When a web development company in UAE uses a custom CMS, they have access to a personalized support too. This means that the developer of the CMS will readily assist you in the event that you experience downtime and issues.

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