Customers generally look for simplicity when it comes to online shopping. While online shopping has been mobile oriented, it is more about user convenience now. To facilitate an enriched, smooth and friendly shopping experience for your online customers, store merchants should major focus on employing the type of checkout format for their store. The primary question that pops up in their mind is which type of checkout is better and beneficial for their store, a single step checkout or multi-step checkout. And most of the answers are in favor of One Page Checkout. Check what all striking features it offers to you.

Checkout is the most important process involved in hiking the conversion rates of any website. This is the actual stage where the visitor starts converting into a potential lead for the store. It is the place where the money heads towards you and so it is marked as an important stage for the e-merchants. No matter what your product page or homepage looks like but the customers always care about the look, layout and navigation experience of the checkout page at your site. So why not to keep it advanced, smooth and yet simple?

How customers behave towards store checkout?

Generally, most of the sites lay down a lengthy checkout process for their customers containing 5-6 pages. For customers, it is always likable to provide a simple and convenient checkout. A clean and quick checkout avoids checkout complexities for the customers. Check out taking much time and efforts might make them exit the store leading to loss of sales.

One Page Checkout in E-commerce

When it comes to running an eCommerce store, then one page checkout is a better choice for the business owners. If the site uses conventional multi-step checkout, then customers might get frustrated. Single Page Checkout eases their online shopping process, leading to happy customer experience.

See what all it offers?

Reduced Mouse Clicks
While using One step checkout, all the checkout fields are provided on the same page, this reduces the total number of clicks needed to complete the checkout.

Cut Downs Loading Time
Multi-page checkout has a slow loading time in comparison to one step checkout. Hence, one page checkout helps to increase the loading time of the website.

Hassle Free Checkout
For customers, a single step checkout is always simple and convenient as they don't need to fill out the multiple pages which become tired and boring sometimes.

Less Abandoned Carts
Multiple checkout pages sometimes increase the abandoned cart rates as it requires more time to complete the process. So you can cover it by using a one-page checkout for your site.

Simple Navigation and AJAX functionality
One Step Checkout provides a responsive navigation experience to the customers as the customers can find all the field information on a single page with seamless scrolling. Moreover, it is easier to use AJAX for field validation of the customers.

Based on the above discussions, you might be thinking of where to get this extension from? Knowband, one of the leading brands for eCommerce plugins offers you One Page Checkout extension for different CMS platforms like Prestashop One Page Checkout, Magento One Page Checkout, Magento 2 One Page Checkout, Opencart One Page Checkout. The features may vary depending upon the site platform used by the owner.

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