Google Adwords is shutting down? Here’s all you need to know about the new version

Google never fails to amaze its users and always comes up with something new and better. After 17 years of the same thing, Google has decided to take a major leap by making advancement to its very own ‘Google AdWords’. The older version is expected to be shut down by the end of 2018 and the new version is already here which is termed as ‘Google Ads’.

As the saying goes, old ways won’t open new doors, Google is taking the Adwords to a new level by releasing a new and better version of it. Apparently, this decision was made after a careful analysis of trends from last 6 years. The aim has always been to help the businesses grow and make the user experience better. Hence, with all the feedback received, Google has released the new version of Ad words i.e. Google Ads.

Do you want to know how the new version (Google Ads) is different from the old one (Google AdWords)? Let’s take a look into it and explore the new features,

Faster interface:  The new version — Google Ads, is believed to be faster and more responsive than the old one. This feature contributes to the growth of businesses by making it easy for them to reach out to the customers.

Account optimization: This is one feature that focuses on providing the users with better statistics. Performance insights are provided in a much detailed manner here.

Bidding adjustments: The idea here is to help you customize the ad visibility based on your requirements. Let’s say your product has higher possibilities of getting sold when browsed via phone, now you get an option to increase/decrease the bidding price whenever you want. If the performance is well during a certain time of day, you can increase the bidding by some amount. And, these bidding adjustments are done in terms of percentages.

Promotion extensions: The new extension feature enhances the ads by increasing readability. It provides an extra 2-inch space to add text that gives a better understanding of the offers being provided. This makes easy for the potential customers to find you and increases sales to a great extent.

Content exclusions: This feature enables you to decide whether or not to display your ads beside a particular kind of content and on certain websites that are irrelevant to your product. “Site category options’’ are now termed as Content exclusions. These settings can be changed even after the campaign has been created which gives flexibility to the user.

Tracking conversions: This feature allows you to track conversions in a much better way and the results are more accurate than before. Plus, relating it to the analytics page is quicker and easier.

Smart shopping campaign: This new feature is going to benefit a lot of businesses as it aims to promote products and help the business grow by grouping similar type of ads for getting a boost in sales. In fact, the Google machine learning uses your product feed and provides the best suggestions for ad placement based on the conversion.

 Although the new interface looks a bit complex, it is much faster and can be used smoothly once you get accustomed to it. The news of old version of AdWords shutting down has created a bit of havoc among many users and not many seem to like the idea of a new version but we can hope to see better things coming with these new features. To those who are shifting to the new version, be sure to read all the instructions provided by Google, take help from the Help Center page and do not skip the guided tour on the page.

These changes are expected to affect the digital marketing world immensely and considering the fact that Google always ensures that each of its updates benefit the users, we can expect better opportunities and growth in market. If you are new to the concept of digital marketing or wish to dive deeper into the concepts and trends, getting a certification course is the best option. There are several online training providers who offer courses in digital marketing. One of the most trusted institutes is Sprintzeal. It offers digital marketing course in various modes of study at reasonable price. Check out their main website to get certified!

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