Google Correlate: It’s Importance, Benefits and Role in Website Ranking

Released in 2011, Google Correlate is the tool that has gained a huge amount of popularity and attention from the users. It is very much like the previous tool released i.e. Google trends. It enables us to find effective results to the search queries made and offers insights on keywords based on similar patterns. With this tool, optimizing websites becomes easy and effective.

Although it has become quite popular among the marketers and SEO analysts, unlike Google trends, this failed to become a standard tool in the marketing arena. One of the reasons behind this is that Google hasn’t taken the best interest in publicizing this tool when compared to the publicity of Google Trends during its release.

However, Google Correlate is a promising tool and its effectiveness is gaining spotlight with an increase in usage by several marketers online.

Benefits of Google correlate:

By many marketers and statisticians, it was believed that there wasn’t enough information available on statistical analysis on the web. These beliefs have been changed by the release of tools like Google Correlate and Google Trends. Here are we are focusing primarily on the benefits of Google Correlate so let’s get started,

  • By matching search data with the preferred location, you can gain insights on the market for your product or keyword in that particular region.
  • It allows you to make better business decisions by giving you opportunities to utilize the myriad of data available online.
  • For small businesses, Google correlate has proven to be a great benefit since it is available for free and the results are highly effective.
  • For SEO analysts and marketers, this magic tool has been a boon. It acts as a free keyword tool, providing information (keywords) that is both relevant and accurate.
  • One of the biggest advantages of this tool is that it saves up a lot of time. May it be keyword search or data related queries, it can save your time and efforts by providing a well-detailed analysis within seconds.
  • The best thing about this tool is that it provides results of the analysis in the form of graphs; which are useful in closely understanding the market. For instance, if you own a website selling clothes in Florida, then this tool gives you an option to study the fluctuations and trends related to your searched words in that particular region. By zooming in on the graph, you can understand the market pattern with respect to your preferred time, month and location.



Role of Google Correlate in website ranking:

Keeping in mind the above benefits, it’s no surprise that Google Correlate is a major factor contributing to better website ranking. The importance of keywords in getting a website ranked is known to all of us and now that the tool like Google Correlate is released, things are expected to change drastically. And when used properly, it can help websites boost their ranking to a great extent.

Considering the new graph feature provided by this tool and the location, time-specific results, there is going to be a huge difference in the market as many businesses shall have access to information that is specific to their products and location of their business outlets. Most of all, this tool is expected to have positive impacts on the online businesses and marketers supporting websites aiming for an increase in revenue. Almost every tool and update released by Google has a direct or indirect effect on changes in the search engine ranking pattern.

Nevertheless, each of the updates, including the release of Google Correlate, benefits the marketers by providing great insights which in turn lead to better website ranking and good revenue.

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