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What is Podcast SEO?

A podcast or conventionally net cast is an episodic arrangement of digital audio or video documents which a user can download so as to tune in to. The generator of a podcast keeps up a central list of the documents on a server as a web feed that one can access through the Internet.

Understanding the SEO Benefits of Podcasting:

Digital recordings are the cutting edge radio – however better. A Podcasts offers audience members on-request appears free data, and present huge marketing openings that are gainful to promoters, shoppers, and makers.

However, advertisers don't simply profit by advertising on a digital podcast, yet in addition to making podcasts. Web optimization and podcasts can work connected at the hand and result in significant additions for any business.

  • Podcasting and SEO
  • Podcasting is an Affordable way to Boost SEO
  • Podcast Shows Organic Backlinks To Your Website
  • Podcasts Have No Expiration Date
  • Podcasts – Your Audio Blogs

Podcasting and SEO:

Much the same as some other kind of content, podcasting offers a path for you to impart your ability to potential customers. It provides you with the chance to make new pages that discussion about your podcast. It additionally shows new content you can use to connect with an assortment of sites and new email marketing focuses to help attract guests to your site.  Regardless of whether you just have a couple of individuals tuning in to your show and they don't move toward becoming customers, you are as yet ready to make positive connections that help to set up brand awareness.

Podcasting is an Affordable way to Boost SEO:

Making a podcast is one of the most reasonable marketing strategies out there. At only a customer transformation rate of one percent, your podcast would take care of all your creation expenses to say the very least. This means we no need to spend more money into this and the effect even when low is worth the effort.

Podcast Shows Organic Backlinks To Your Website:

When you get booked as a visitor on a Podcast, the host will quite often make a "show notes" page for your show, which incorporates summary information, some of the time a full or partial transcript, AND quite often connections back to your site, extraordinary offer(s) and select social media. The is basically the absolute best, most legitimate and characteristic organic backlinks that you may ever get.

Podcasts Have No Expiration Date:

When you have published and optimized a podcast on your page, there is no point that they will terminate. This implies podcast show notes pages have SEO juice they have in the first place is going to keep proceeding to go and go. While regardless you have to post new podcasts normally, it will just improve the success you have had up to this point.

Podcasts – Your Audio Blogs:

Basically, a podcast is only an audio blog. Accordingly, you can optimize it simply like you would a blog. When making meta depictions and meta titles, try to utilize targeted keywords. Improve pictures and use a text that makes individuals need to click and tune in. They can be utilized additionally to traditional blogs or remain solitary, and there is numerous expert addition to traditional blogs that can enable you to review show notes or a partner blog entry for a podcast meet. With such a significant number of individuals always in a hurry, podcasts are turning into a go-to source of news, data, and excitement.

Setting aside the effort to make a podcast can help increment your natural pursuit rankings. It can likewise give extra SEO juice to your current showcasing efforts. This is going to prompt better permeability and more deals for your image.

Future of Podcasts:

Podcasts became one among the most standard types of media content across the net, with numerous podcast episodes offered on a range of platforms. With a constantly increasing number of listeners and shows, podcasts have become a viable a platform for discussing a multitude of topics ranging from current news and events, music, politics, comedy, and so much more.

Despite the growing quality of podcasts, one challenge that plenty of those shows encounter is that the issue of promoting their podcasts outside of their platform. While there's a large number of listicles, videos, and fellow podcasts that facilitate get the word out, it's still difficult to form podcasts additional searchable on search engines like Google. Unlike videos, wherever you'll instantly click on a video snippet to view it instantly, podcast episodes rarely seem, with shows joined to Google Podcasts mostly being distinguished in this space.

How will it work?

Similar to how videos are being shown on Google’s desktop and mobile search results, podcasts can have their own media snippet, that also permits you to play or transfer the episode without having to switch to a new page. Using Google’s ability to search the audio in a podcast episode, you can even skip to the part of the episode which mentions the topic that you have searched for.

This works in the same way that voice search results would yield video snippets that have been time stamped to the relevant section. A lot of podcast users hear their podcasts on the go and having the feature to download and hear specific sections of an episode helps optimize the expertise.

Most podcast directories have 2 main ways that of enabling new podcast discovery:

list rankings- List rankings are generalized rankings that display attractive podcasts to prospective listeners

search rankings- Search rankings, on the other hand, only appear when a user performs a search.

It’s possible to use the same techniques to rank for both results. However, search results are more heavily dependent on keyword relevance, and list results are more heavily dependent on authority and popularity scores.

Ranking Factors:

Just like with traditional SEO, we don’t have a confirmed list of all the ranking factors that enter into the equation. However, we do have a list of theorized factors that influence your rankings in both list results and search results—and many of them bear the resemblance to traditional SEO tactics:

Ø  Podcast name: Start by optimizing your podcast name to appeal to your target demographics. Usually, the simpler this title is, the better. Include at least one keyword that you imagine your listeners would search for in the title, and try to keep it as concise as possible.  Including your target keyword in the title of your podcast is an excellent way to immediately gain search visibility across all directories.

Ø Episode name: Next, name your individual episodes (a tactic that demands recurring attention) including keywords your the audience is most likely to use. You’ll want to include at least one keyword related to your episode’s topic, and be as descriptive as possible to attract new listeners. This is often the first thing your listeners will see. While you’re sculpting the perfect title, truncate it if you can; that way, listeners will be able to see the title in full when searching.

Ø Categories and tags: Pay attention to any category or “tag” options available to you. These will vary based on what directory you’re listed in but often serve as valuable shortcuts to rank for certain keyword searches or appear to people browsing within a certain field.

Ø  Total subscribers: The more subscribers a podcast has, the more likely it is to rank highly. This isn’t a universal rule, as some directories will rank new podcasts to give them a better chance to build popularity, but more subscribers is never a bad thing. This may be hard to generate initially.

Ø  New subscribers: Some directories, including iTunes, also rank podcasts based on the number of new subscribers they’ve attracted in the past week. Fast-growing podcasts can sometimes temporarily outrank long-standing podcasts with large, but slower-growing subscriber counts.

Ø  Ratings and reviews: As you might imagine, podcast directories have a vested interest in making sure only the best podcasts make it to the top. Accordingly, podcasts with lots of high ratings and positive reviews are going to rank higher than their competitors. Monitor your reviews frequently, and periodically ask your listeners to leave reviews.

As you can see, most of these tactics are secondary indicators of quality, so your best overall strategy is simply creating high-quality content on a consistent basis that people want to hear.

Attracting Initial Traffic:

Many optimization strategies, including your subscribers, your total downloads, and your ratings and reviews, depend on attracting and building an audience. It’s a difficult relationship; ranking higher in podcast searches means you’ll gain more followers, but you need more followers to rank higher in podcast searches.


SEO podcast for beginners can be an in-depth podcast or a short-form podcast but it should answer all sort of common question of the audience. In other words, the podcast should answer the question briefly and clearly. Apart from that, it is also important to be totally planned for your podcast and make sure that you have a specific answer.

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